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Winter Chills in the Wardrobe

Thanksgiving heralds the coming of Christmas. Already there are visions of holly, mistletoe, delectable treats and Santa. There is a change in the weather and chilly temperatures announce that it is time to put away one’s summer wear and revamp the winter wardrobe.

This time of the year can be very severe and it is heartening that bespoke designers and manufacturers rise to the challenge and create their unique masterpieces for the benefit of the consumers, so that their comfort and appearance can be maintained. Winter wear need not be boring as creative styling can come up with the look best suited for the customer.

When shopping for winter bespoke suits, the first consideration is the material.The fabric has to have a thick weave for ample protection against the extreme weather conditions. It is worthwhile to have a fully lined suit if the individual lives in a very cold city. This has an added advantage of maintaining the fabric and preventing creases.

The obvious choice is wool. In fact, the word ‘winter’ brings an immediate response of wool and so it has maintained its popularity as winter clothing. This has the ability to drape well and maintain its form. Cashmere is known for its softness and luxurious feel, providing comfort and warmth at the same time. However, deterrents are its cost and durability. An option is to go for a blend with wool or polyester, which is more practical. Cashmere needs to be stored well as it attracts moths which can destroy the suit completely.


Other popular choices are tweed and herringbone. These are made of twilled yarn and are heavier than wool, maybe a bit rough in texture but warm and durable. Tweed has been the preferred choice of gentlemen for ages and presents a traditional, yet fashionable appearance.

Flannel, another option, is seen as the most luxurious of winter clothing. Though traditionally for mature wearers, in recent times, flannel has been repositioned as being trendy and stylish. These suits are heavier than woollen ones and more expensive.

For youngsters, there is a wide variety of stylish jackets and jerseys. These are designed keeping in mind the tastes of young adults. The fabric is woollen, well equipped to withstand the cold temperatures and are ideal for semi formal and casual occasions.

For the height of wintertime, when the climate is at its extreme, an overcoat may be worn. This can be done for formal occasions and business meetings. The overcoat ensures the required warmth and the aesthetic appeal is provided by the formal bespoke suit worn within.A custom made overcoat may be just the thing many individuals are looking for. Alternatively, a double breasted suit provides additional warmth by its design of wrap over front.

Winter wear needs layering, the simple rule being thin to thick. Lightweight clothing should be next to the skin to allow greater breathability and the heavier items on the exterior to fight the extreme cold and provide greater protection. Also, it has to be kept in mind that outer clothing will be taken off indoors, so one should dress accordingly.

Now we come to another aspect of winter apparel and that is the color. Summertime is for the light colors and winter is for darker hues. The obvious choices are navy blue, charcoal grey, brown and black, which are traditional and have a timeless appeal. There is nothing as smart as a well fitting woollen bespoke suit in these colors, to bring out the best from within.

For the young and bold, there are other colors which may be experimented with. Burgundy or its variants such as cordovan and raw or burnt umber are popular choices. Brown is considered sober, but its different shades such as cognac and amber are definitely more dashing and appealing. Plum, dark lavender and shades of green, including army green and hunter green are unconventional colors which make one’s presence stand out. One can go for a stylish jacket in these colors teamed with trousers in more staid shades for a different look.

While investing in a winter wardrobe, one must also look for the right accessory. Colorful scarves, mufflers and knitted ties provide just the right look for Christmas.
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