When is it Time for a New Suit?

For the modern man, trying to gauge the right time and reason for retiring your old, favorite suit can be a long process that requires lots of pro/con lists and some alone time with Adele’s greatest hits album. The suit has served you well over the years, but has it really worn out it’s welcome? Here are five of the most common reasons to hang it up in the rafters and move on to something fresh.

Usual Wear and Tear

Time spares no one! Your branded suit made with the highest quality fabric is no exception. Its color is the first thing that begins to fade with the first use. The exposure to sunlight and constant use tends to affect certain spots of a suit more than the others, like the elbows, armpits, and knees, by causing a whitening of those areas. You cannot stop the aging process of your suit. So, when you start noticing the signs, it’s time to let it go.

Tearing of Fabric

Sometimes, with multiple uses, the fabric of the suit gets so thin and weak that it develops holes and tears. Initially, small frays start appearing which are still manageable and can be fixed with tailoring and patches. However, the snags eventually develop into long and ugly tears which cannot be repaired completely without leaving a sign. Tearing generally occurs along the seams due to pressure. In case the fabric of your jacket or pants gets ripped, there's nothing you can do about it except go to the tailor and order a new suit.

Physical Changes

Look, we’ve all been there. As we age, our priorities get shifted. Suddenly working out has taken a backseat to raising a family. So, you put on a few pounds and your suit doesn’t fit quite like it did before? The good news here is after things have settled down again, you can re-focus on your health and get yourself back into Old Faithful. In the interim, it’s worth checking into a new suit to make sure you look good for any occasion. On the other end of this spectrum, if you are someone who has worked hard on their body and lost weight, it’s worth rewarding yourself with a brand-new suit to really put a bow on your physical transformation.

Job Requirements

Have you recently landed a new job that requires you to suit up every day? Then you are in for some heavy spending because just one or two won't do. The most common rule of thumb here is to own ten suits, wear one a day for two weeks, rinse, repeat. A silver lining to this scenario is that you don’t need to retire your favorites. This is one situation where the more, the merrier.

Changing Trends

Trends are like seasons. They are short-lived and keep on changing with no signs of stopping. Let’s be honest, unless you went very traditional, the suit you bought five years ago is probably no longer in style. A true modern man is not to be seen in outdated threads. In order to keep pace, pay attention to trends and invest in a new suit every few years.

Not sure if your suit is still trendy? Does it have any of these qualities?

  • Pleated pants
  • Boxy jacket
  • Wide lapels
  • Tight pants
  • Two rows of buttons

If so, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Interested in buying a new bespoke suit or looking for more men’s fashion advice? Check out our blog for trends and inspiration!

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