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What is the best color suit to own?

The blue suit is the most versatile. Think about the occasions you may need a suit:

  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Job interview
  • Ceremony (graduation, dedication, etc.)
  • Special dinner (charitable event, banquet, etc.)
  • Party (work function, anniversary)
  • Dinner date (a man can look great in a suit for any night out with his lady)
  • Work

Why blue? There are several reasons. A blue suit can be dressed up for a formal function or stylish for a casual function. A blue suit is good for all seasons and all times of day. Wear it to a lunch interview, dinner date, wedding, or even brunch.

A blue suit can be a dozen suits in one: choose a bright shirt and pocket square to jazz it up or stick with white and a solid tie to be more professional. Pair it with brown shoes or black or another color depending upon the occasion.

Blue is a color that conveys “trust” which is why it has been said that every man should have a “sincere blue suit” in their wardrobe.

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