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With our site’s recent redesign, we figured it was time to step it up and bring our clients something more, well, customized. And so here it is – our very own blog. The Tailored Man is all about meeting your needs and our blog will provide answers to your questions, helpful info, and interesting tidbits collected from different threads across the web. In the next few months, we’ll explain the difference between bespoke and made to measure (MTM) suits. We’ll discuss the suiting options you have for various events and occasions. And, hopefully, we’ll surprise and inspire you. But today, for the first-ever Tailored Man blog post, let’s talk about something rather basic: how to find a great suit in the first place. Finding a great suit is an endeavor – and it’s worth your while. An expertly tailored suit is the ultimate confidence-booster for men. If you already have one, you’ll know what we mean – and if you don’t, come schedule an appointment with us to experience that invaluable “I can do anything” feeling. Know Thyself.

  • We at the Tailored Man will be the first to tell you: no matter how well-made the suit, the fit will make or break it for the wearer. If you’re not at least 6’, you’ll probably want to go for one or two buttons. If you’re stocky rather than slim, a single-breasted coat will flatter your frame.
  • Just as important as the cut of the suit is that it reflects your sensibilities. If you’re an international man of mystery, you’ll want your pants and jacket to move with you – fabrics with some give and strategically placed vents will let you take care of business. If you spend a lot of time giving presentations or attending business meetings, choose details—a customized collar lining, for example—that will make you memorable.

Time It Right. Right now, most clothing stores are dropping prices on cold-weather apparel to make room for spring and summer wares. It’s a great time to buy those high quality staples that are less affordable at full price – think wool and flannel numbers you can wear immediately and then stock away in a few months. *When in doubt, buy the suit too large rather than too small – our tailors can get a too-large OTR option to fit exactly how you want it to, but a too-snug fit can’t be helped as much. Have an Eye for Details. Without even looking at the price tag, you’ll be able to pick out a quality suit by looking for these features.

  • A hand-stitched flower loop under the left lapel, though very rarely used these days, means a good tailor is behind the piece.
  • A hand-sewn interior pocket on the inside left breast pocket should be set off by sections of the external fabric.
  • Hand-stitched sleeve linings will be difficult to stop – if you can clearly see where the arm lining meets the body lining, it’s not a great suit.
  • Hidden pockets are a bit like nice underwear: they make you feel more prepared, confident…and they can hold your credit card in a pinch. Look for a hidden pocket on the interior, behind the conventional front pocket.
  • Vented pleats almost guarantee a great fit, and they keep your tucked-in shirt from bunching up or slipping out.

Here’s the key with a great suit: it should make you feel comfortable and confident. It should feel like your best version of you – not like something you’re not (see: your dad, 30 years ago; a retired accountant). Know what you like, and follow your instincts: you’re the best designer you know.

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