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What Is Loyalty Program?

The Tailored Man’s Loyalty program is a scheme, under which we award 1 point for each $ that you spend with us.
Thus, if you purchase items worth $1000 from us, either online or instore, you get 1000 points in your accounts. On every purchase with us, your points keep adding to your existing points.

What Is The Use Of Points?

Your points are worth some cash.   We call it Tailoredman Cash or TM Cash in short.
Currently Points to TM Cash conversion is done at 3%.  This means that if you have 1000 points in your account then they are worth $30.

What You Can Do With TM Cash?

You can use TM Cash on your next purchase with us, if  it exceeds the minimum limit.

What Is The Minimum Limit Of TM Cash?

Currently it is $50.
This means, if you have accumulated points worth $50 TM Cash or more in your account then you can redeem it on your next purchase with us.

Do My Points Expire?

Points that you earn today remain valid for one year.  After one year they expire.

Can I View My Point History

Yes you can view  your Point  Ledger by Login into your TM account and clicking the mouse on View Loyalty Reward Point Ledger option.


  Case Points Earned TM Cash US$
 1. You purchased suits, shirts and Jackets with $1000 in the month of Jan.  1000  $30 You cannot Redeem points as minimum limit is $50.
 2. You spent $1200 in the month of March.  1200  $36 You cannot Redeem points  because they are awarded after you make payment.
But, now you have $66 in your account.
 3. You spent $750 in the month of June.  750  $21* You can redeem points now.  If you redeem then you pay only $750-$66=$684. *(It's 3% is $21)
 4. Current Status 684  $21  
 5. You do not purchase any item till the end of June next year.    0 Your points expired because you did not use them for one year.

Remarks : TM Cash is always in USD.