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The Right Outfit

Has it ever happened that you are getting ready to go out, you open your wardrobe and are at a loss for the right ensemble. The eyes scan the contents and turn away dissatisfied. At this point in time, which is the right outfit for you?

It has been estimated in various surveys that up to 50% of the wardrobe is never worn and along with this, another mind boggling percent of clothes are rarely used. Shocking, isn’t it? When faced with these statistics, one gets a major jolt. This information may even come as a serious eye opener to many.

This happens because subconsciously, without thinking, the hands reach out for the individual’s favorite outfits all the time.

What is it about these articles of clothing that one doesn’t tire of wearing them over and over again?


Basically these are outfits that make you feel smart and confident. Yes, your favorite combination could well be the one that ‘works for you’ and makes you feel on top of the world. You feel like a dashing, sophisticated man of the town in this shirt or trouser. It inspires the sentiment that the word is there for you to conquer and nothing can stop you.

For the outfit to take you places, several factors come into the picture. The material has to be of excellent quality. This is easily evident from the final look of the ensemble. Substandard material will never work and even if you buy it, it will be delegated to the back of the wardrobe after a period of time.

The standard of stitching and fit has to be really good. The outfit should fit you like a second skin, neither too tight nor loose. The clothes should accentuate the best features in the individual’s physique and tone down the weak points. The final appearance should be of an attractive and well-dressed gentleman.

Another important factor is comfort. For the leisurely off times, ensembles that provide physical ease and relaxation are on the top of the preferred list. Obviously, one would like to be cosy and snug in one’s outfit where one can stretch the limbs without hindrance or fear that the seams will give way. On the other hand, it should not be baggy and over-sized such that the individual feels lost in it.

These are the main factors which propel a person to stick to the same selection again and again. The result is that even if the wardrobe is full, the number of wearable outfits are limited. Also it is a waste of resources, as the non-preferred clothes are a bad investment.

So the point now is how should one gear his wardrobe so that optimal use is made of all its contents and every article is worn regularly?

This is where bespoke clothing comes into the picture.


When outfits are personally stitched from one’s actual measurements, then the fit and cut is ensured. Moreover, these tailors are experts in their field and cut the material according to ‘finished measurements’. This means that in order to present the individual in the best light possible, they make allowances for any lack in physical structure. The ensemble, thus, presents the individual in the best manner possible.

In addition, the choice and color of material as well as design are entirely according to the desires of the client. Material can be chosen keeping in mind the comfort factor. The type of collar, pockets, pleats and other embellishments are driven by individual preferences.

There is also scope for jacket, trouser and shirt alteration at a later date, should the need ever arise. If the individual sheds weight, or puts on a few pounds, there is enough leeway to make changes and ensure that the fit is as good as before, as custom made clothing has enough margin in the seams.

In this way customised clothing is far superior to off the rack or made to measure apparel. The best part is that all the articles of clothing will be used regularly, a good and satisfying return on investment.

Once the individual experiences the class and comfort of custom made clothing, ordinary, easily available apparel lose their charm. If the individual still insists on buying non-personalised outfits, the chances of them being unused and languishing in the closet are very high.

If you want to beat the world statistics and own a wardrobe where every item of clothing is used regularly, go in for personalised tailoring as nothing else will have the same appeal.

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Peter Richards
Posted: Thu 12/26/2019 05:28 AM
100% agree that bespoke outfits make us feel smart and confident. I read your article and really appreciate it. I had experienced for bad impression with unfit outfits. I rejected from my dream job because of my unprofessional outfits. After that with my friend's recommendation, I bought clothes from The Milan Tailor bespoke tailor in Canada. Then I felt that my looks and personality got confidence. Next year I selected for a higher post. Now I prefer only bespoke tailored suits and shirts and suggest bespoke outfits to others.