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The New Buzzword - Black Suits

Black suits are the proverbial dilemma – should one have it or not and if one has it, when should it be worn?
The movie ‘The Matrix’ presented alluring images of men in black, suave and polished, performing the most amazing stunts without a wrinkle in the jet black suits. Famous designer Tom Ford has gone all out in the matter of black suits. Early on, the Beatles dazzled the adoring crowds with their unique hair styles and black ensembles.

Why do we admire black suits?

It is seen that most often it isthe powerful and commanding guys on screenwho wear it, and they do so with so much urbane sophistication, pizzazz and nerve, that we are left spellbound.It’s as if the suit is put it on and immediately the wearer acquires an air of mystery and intrigue. The fact is that everyone would love to be in their place and their allure enslaves the imagination.
Black suits are different from tuxedos, which are considered even more formal. To really use black suits to their utmost advantage, they need to be understood and handled accordingly. To demystify the concept, let’s begin by being clear when and where are they needed.


A formal occasion or a black tie event requires the black suit and none other. The color black carries an aura of power and control. Often we see that politicians use this to their advantage and present a very dramatic and compelling picture. In the offices, weddings, funerals, interviews, the all-important first date, black is certainly a good choice when you want to decide in a hurry, what suit should be worn that day.A formal evening engagement would again entail black suits.
How should the black suit be handled?
Since black is a stark color and stands out in a crowd, the individual can use this quality for enhancing the personality. A tanned skin is perfectly complemented by the dark color and thus a black suitmakes for a good choice.


The mantra is to keep the lines simple. A well fitting suit with clean lines and slim fit is what creates a trim and fit outline. It should never be too tight as there could be wrinkles on movement and neither so large that it billows as a loose fit will spoil the picture beyond repair, resulting in the viewer’s eye catching the unattractiveness. Large framed men should avoid looking disproportionately big and small framed people individuals may seem to be overpowered by their dark suits. Tailoring needs to be of a high quality, as the suit should be designed to fall well by tapering gently at the waist.
One way to reduce the severity and formality is to choose a fabric which has slight patterning and the usual way is to have a modest striping.
An individual may like to team the suit with a waistcoat. This presents a smart and stylish look as well as accentuates the formality of the event.


The obvious choice is to team the black suit with a sparkling classic white dress shirt tailored from good quality fabric. The individual may choose to wear a colored shirt on occasions. A light blue shirt is the first choice as it presents an attractive appearance. However, there are many options available. The individual may rely on his aesthetic sense to pick out brighter colors which provide a vibrant look for social engagements as pastel colors may be overshadowed by the severity of black. Experimentation with patterned shirts is allowed, providing it is in keeping with the personality and the individual can carry it off in style.
On occasion, a black bow tie may be required. However, there is more flexibility in choice today and the individual may experiment with the color and texture of bow ties. For ties, the choice may be maroon rather than red, in case any other color than black is admissible. Society, today, even appreciates satin scarves on occasion.


To complete the ensemble, formal leather dress shoes are a must, the kind specially favoured are patent Oxford shoes. These would complete the picture and also come across as fashionable.
The individual should also focus their attention on personal grooming as befitting a formal occasion and ensemble.
Should your interest zoom in on black suits, schedule an appointment with our wardrobe consultant by clicking here or calling us.

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