The Best Formal Looks for Summer Parties

Summer is more than just a time of year, it’s a mood. It’s freedom. It’s late nights, festivals, nature, and most importantly, it’s party season. Whether your friends and family are graduating, getting promotions, getting married, or celebrating anniversaries or birthdays, summer is a time for festivities. It also provides ample opportunities for the modern man to showcase an elite-level fashion sense by staying trendy and formal despite the rising temperatures.

Summer suits are in a category all their own and will make you stand out like a dapper beacon of light in a dark world filled with cargo shorts. However, being fashionable is one thing, and feeling comfortable is another. So, what types of summer suit fabrics should you be looking in to?


Arguably the most preferred and popular fabric, suits made with linen are very lightweight and make you feel like you’re floating. It provides you with a natural texture along with a breathable weave. Linen also provides you with a charmingly pretentious look, since it easily wrinkles.


Cotton is the most summer-friendly fabric, and for good reason. It’s slightly heavier than linen, which insulates heat a bit more, but makes it much stiffer and less prone to wrinkles. Don’t be put off but the heaviness though, cotton is still very breathable. During summer party season, a beige cotton suit is the male version of a little black dress.

Fresco Wool

So, wool is obviously not summer-friendly, but not all wool is created equal. Fresco wool is made specifically with hot summer days in mind. The fabric is developed with multiple yarn strands and extremely twisted wool in the form of an open weave. This design makes the fiber airy yet very durable. The Fresco suit works best in a formal environment where a loud cotton or linen suit might be too casual.


Chambray fibers are designed for comfort over style. Chambray is a relative of denim, so it’s almost always a shade of blue. The denim-ness provides a high level of cool comfort and minimal wrinkles though. Chambray suits are a perfect business casual look when the temps are soaring, and you just look really great in blue.


Seersucker suits are one of the fastest growing fashion trends in the last decade. The fabric is both affordable and the go-to-choice for a lot of celebrities, particularly at events like the Kentucky Derby. A unique byproduct of cotton, seersucker combines comfort, convenience, accessibility, and a formal look.

Best Summer Suit Colors

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a suit for an event. The time of day, location, occasion, and your accessory options are all things that should cross your mind while picking out something bold, bright, or safe. The color of your clothing can also change the dynamic of your look.

  • Khaki: Offers a classy yet stylish look for your suit. Khaki is an appropriate color for a cotton suit that you could wear to a daytime party. If you want to be a bit creative, try wearing a white shirt under your suit to truly “shine bright like a diamond.”
  • Baby Blue: This color is already a heat-seeker for natural attention. Dark navy suits are reserved for fall and winter gatherings, but brighter shades of blue can be proudly flown on the flag of summer. Baby blue is the preferred color for linen and seersucker suits.
  • Berry: For any non-traditionalists, we consider “berry” to be anything that runs the gamut between light maroon and dark pink. These flavors of red look best on a fresco suit and will make a bold personality stand out at any formal event.

And don’t forget to get whatever suit you decide on customized for the perfect fit. For even more fashion advice, check out our blog!


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