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The Tailored Man
The Trial shirt fit is excellent! I have never owned a shirt with such a good fit!
You can send me my two other shirts. Thank you very much.

Guillaume Filion ---- Quebec City, QC ---
Nov 2010
The Suit & Shirt came in abt a week ago or so.
It's very beautiful and it fits like a glove.
I just love it.
Compliments to the tailor.

Jacques Lorrain ---- Montreal
The Tailored Man
I have received the two shirts and the fitting is correct. Please process the remaining shirts and send them to me.
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention. It is always a pleasure doing business with the Tailored Man.
I am truly a satisfied customer.

David Quainton - - Carlsbad, California --
March 2010 Customer Since 2006
Dear Sir,
I am writing to confirm that the suits fits perfectly to my requirements. Thank you so very much.
There will be no need to make any adjustments at all. The shirts are beautiful and the suit fits like a glove.
All the little personalized touches are fantastic, just great.
I can't thank you enough and it will certainly make our day just that extra bit special and semi bespoke.
One very happy chap of a customer. I look forward to further custom and I have certainly passed on recommendation.
Best regards,

Duncan Parker - - Calgary, Alberta - -
Feb 2010
All items have been received and they are fantastic. My suit is the nicest and best fitting suit I have ever owned.
I am looking forward to your next Calgary trip as I need a couple more suits.

Thanks again
Bruce Halase - - Calgary, Alberta - -
April 2010