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The Tailored Man,
The shipment has been received. The suit and shirt are top-notch. Please extend my compliments to your tailors.
The fit is good and no changes are required.
Please proceed with the balance of the order.
Thank you very much.

Inspector Andris Zarins --- Ottawa, Ontario -
April 2011
Dear Sir,
I write to confirm the delivery of one two-piece gentleman's linen suit and
one shirt.
The fit of the linen suit and shirt is excellent.
I will be most grateful if you can ship my 3-piece pin stripe suit and shirt.
Please thank the gentlemen who took my measurements and the excellent tailors
who made my suit and shirt.

Dr Alan Roughley - Vancouver, BC -
May 2011
I am thrilled with the Trial Shirt.
It is super beautiful; with the collar adjustment.
Thank you for your supervision and assistance Mr. Daswani.

Kindest regards,

STUART W. STATTON --- Toronto, Ontario -
April 2011
Customer since April 2009
Dear Mr. Daswani,
I just want to let you know ... :
I received all the shirt and those one fit perfectly.
I'm very happy, and thank you very much for the modification, the bonus shirt (blue) very nice blue,
very classic, and the replacement of the first one received.
You've won a new life's customer.

Yannick Saillant - Quebec City -
April 2011
Shirts came out perfect! Next time you guys are in town, I'll pick up a few more. 

Alex Quatrini --Toronto, Ontario
Nov 2010