Winter Chills in the Wardrobe

Thanksgiving heralds the coming of Christmas. Already there are visions of holly, mistletoe, delectable treats and Santa. There is a change in the weather and chilly temperatures announce that it is time to put away one’s summer wear and revamp the winter wardrobe.

This time of the year can be very severe and it is heartening that bespoke designers and manufacturers rise to the challenge and create their unique masterpieces for the benefit of the consumers, so that their comfort and appearance can be maintained. Winter wear need not be boring as creative styling can come up with the look best suited for the customer.


Technology Suits: The Wearable Technology

Modern technology is a giant roller coaster which is on a major swing and has taken over our lives completely for a ride into an amazing world. There is no aspect of our life which is untouched by technology be it education, health, communication, commerce, travel, entertainment…. the list is endless.

One of the latest breakthroughs is smart clothing. To the layman this may sound as if it is out of a science fiction movie, but it is rapidly becoming a reality.Till the recent past, the most ambitious visualisation would be something from a Hollywood movie of a special wrist watch which doubles as a lethal weapon or a mobile with a destructive core. Now, there are such exciting inventions that are beyond anything that can be imagined in our wildest dreams.


The King's Crown and the Gentleman's Wardrobe

What can be common between a King’s crown and a gentleman’s wardrobe?
These two are worlds apart with seemingly nothing in common.
The crown for the king is a representation of regal office, power and authority. No monarch is complete without his crown, which is of immense importance in terms of value and significance.


For the gentleman, his wardrobe fulfils the function of a crown. He derives his powerful appearance, authority and confidence from his wardrobe.A good wardrobe, with well-fitting and quality clothes, represents his outer appearance and brings a distinct sophisticated aura to the owner. There is a sense of confidence and assurance when the person knows he is well dressed. The wardrobe equips the gentleman externally to take up the highest positions in life by presenting a faultless exterior.


Formal, Yet Elegant-The Dress Shirt

Men have been wearing shirts probably since the beginning of time, so why should a piece be written on the dress shirt?
This is because whenever we step out, our appearance represents us in non-verbal communication. At first glance, others form a subconscious opinion and we should be careful what that impression is. If the jacket is not worn, then it is the shirt that is speaking for us and without our realising it, our inner self and personality is revealed to the onlooker.

There can be no doubt about the fact that shirt are an indispensable component of an ensemble, unlike jackets or suits which are optional. This is regardless of season or occasion. The only article of clothing which can take the place of a shirt is a T-shirt or some item of ethnic clothing.


Make Your Mark In A Sports Jacket

Style icons of the men’s fashion industry feel that a wardrobe is incomplete without a sports jacket!

So, what is a sports jacket?

A sports jacket is typically like a suit jacket, but it comes without a matching trouser. Its origin was in the late 19th century as it was worn by the British nobility at sporting events like shooting and rowing. Thus, the sports jacket was looked upon as a sign of luxury as it came to be associated with the affluent class of society who had expensive tastes and leisure activities.


With passage of time, there was a change in purpose and style. The practical aspect of this jacket began to be appreciated so a shift took place.Earlier it was worn solely for sporting occasions, later on it was favoured for casual events. This caused the sports jacket to become an intrinsic component of the wardrobe. Now it is worn regularly for a classic and elegant look.