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Summer Temperatures in the Wardrobe

With the advent of summer there is a perceptible rise in the temperature. The days are longer and full of sunshine, presenting a number of distractions and often leaving the individual gasping for iced drinks and lazy days at the beach.
However, the individual has to fulfil the demands of life despite the heat.

The challenge, then, is to have a summer wardrobe which hascasual and sophisticated ensembles.Casual for beating the heat on non-formal occasions and sophisticated for an impressive and elegant appearance in formal parties, corporate meetings etc.


For the summer months, breathable clothing comes as the best solution for the wardrobe. This keeps the wearer cool and comfortable otherwise sweat and warm air gets trapped in the material leading to further discomfort. This is facilitated by light weight and porous material, finer threads and looser weaves.
During the warmer months, cotton is the obvious choiceas it presents a refined and elegant look. It is a completely natural fibre, soft to touch and the material allows passage of air. This ensures the comfort of the person wearing it and is ideal for spring, summer and autumn. The drawback of cotton is that it creases easily. The other forms of cotton are seersucker and chambray.
In recent times, seersucker has become quite popular. It is a unique variant of cotton with a striped, crinkled as well as puckered surface making the finished ensemble very different from standard cotton. This is more appropriate for casual wear as it does not qualify for formal occasions.
The other form of cottonis chambray or cambric. This is light weight material and has a glossy appearance giving it another kind of appeal. It is quite close to denim, but softer with a different weave and is very comfortable. Chambray is perfect for summer.

Linen is another popular material for summer suits. Like cotton, linen is a natural fibre from the flax plant. The fabric is light weight and breathable, making it a favourable choice for summer. The drawback is that it wrinkles very easily. For formal office wear, it may be prudent to consider a blend of linen with another material so that the ensemble retains its crispness all day.
Tailored linen jackets are ideal for social and casual gatherings during summer evenings.

Once the choice of suit is dealt with, it is time to concentrate on shirts. The basic material is the same as that for suits but with a much lower thread count.Again, cotton with its variants of poplin and seersucker, is widely preferred. This is the most comfortable material specially when worn just next to the skin. Cotton shirts may be machine washed with ease, which makes maintenance convenient.  
Again, another preferred material is linen because of its unique texture. Its light weight and breathable qualities make it ideal for summer. However, it wrinkles easily and it is not as sturdy as cotton.
For a luxurious look, silk may also be used for shirts. The weave needs to be loose to let air in and out. Silk, however, is more fragile than cotton and may be used to tailor a fancy loose fit shirt for social and casual wear.

The summer and winter wardrobes differ on another major consideration and this is color.
The colors which appeal during the hot summer months are light pastel shades. As a general rule suits may be chosen in light grey, cool blues, beige and earth colors. One must keep in mind that dark and strong hues will not be appealing so appropriate choices may be made. Even so, if the occasion demands and the individual is willing to make a style statement, other colors can be worn. This will set the individual apart from the crowd.

For shirts too, lighter colors are preferred. Again, the appeal of blue is high as it has a cooling impact. Light shades of green and grey are obvious choices while lavender and even pink may be worn as a style statement. Sunny yellow can be worn but as a pastel shade. Off white and beige look elegant and cool.
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Tom's Fashion
Posted: Thu 11/07/2019 12:14 AM
Thank you for sharing and wonderful post !!
Tom's Fashion
Posted: Thu 11/28/2019 11:19 PM
Thanks for Sharing and wonderful post !!