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The easy work has been done.

The online application has been submitted, the phone screen has been completed, the 100-question personality assessment is in the books, and the phone interview is done. All of them were completed with ease. The company liked what they heard so much that they want to bring you in for an in-person interview, and would like to see your resume.

It may sound like the easy work has been done, but anyone who has been through the process of finding a job knows that the hard work is yet to come.

In addition to conveying your expertise through paper or over the phone, impressing potential employers with your knowledge and demeanor in person is just as important. And believe it or not, the way you dress plays a part. Getting your look right for an interview can be a daunting task, and sometimes can be what makes or breaks one’s chances of getting a job.

Though we know the job interview process can be an ordeal, Tailored Man has made it easier by offering custom tailoring and bespoke services to men across North America, helping them look their very best. We’ve also advised men on the best color suit to own, and even the right tie to wear to that job interview (and how NOT to wear a tie clip with that tie, if you choose to).

Suits for Soldiers – Created To Help Veterans

The process can be especially tough for veterans transitioning to civilian life, after years of being told what to wear and when and how to wear it. Some transition with ease and others have a harder time.

Scott Fader always knew this, but there was one moment he could recall that made him take it to heart.

While stationed overseas in the military, Fader heard a story of a veteran who missed out on a job opportunity because he didn’t wear a suit to his interview – the job ended up going to his friend. Thus, Fader started his non-profit, Suits for Solders, as a vent for his frustration.

Started in 2012, the foremost mission of the Detroit-based non-profit is to help veterans all through the job-hunting process. From job location assistance, to resume-writing, to making the best first impression possible by providing appropriate clothing for in-person job interviews, Suits For Soldiers assures that as many veterans as possible have a smooth transition to civilian life.

That’s where we at Tailored Man comes in

We are proud to partner with Fader’s non-profit, assisting retired military personnel and veterans primarily in the Washington D.C. area. We may not be able to help with the resume-writing part of the job application process, but we’re proud to help by offering military vets a special discount on suits and attire for interviews. We also offer wardrobe consultation services, because matching your tie to your shirt to your suit to your socks to your shoes can be as tough as the interview process itself.

“When vets look and feel their best, they have a different air about them.” Says Daswani, owner of The Tailored Man. “They feel more confident, have better interviews, and get the jobs they applied for.”

We love serving those who have served us and our country. And we do our best to make veterans feel their best, all while not losing sight of the person we’re dressing.

“While we’re working with veterans, we like to get to know them,” said Daswani. “We love learning about their military careers, the type of job they’re applying for, and about them as a person. While dressing them, we love bringing out their military essence as best we can.”

We’re proud to embark on this new endeavor, supporting Suits for Soldiers, and hope it continues for many years to come.

About Suits for Soldiers


Suits for Soldiers was started in August 2012 by Scott Fader as he was serving overseas in the Army. Since its inception in August 2012, the program has expanded to help soldiers not only with finding suits for job interviews, but also helping with resume writing, assisting with the Veterans Assistance loan process, and helping veterans obtain real estate loans. For more information, or to find out how you can help, visit, or call 248-757-8829.

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charles bryant
Posted: Wed 09/12/2018 08:16 AM
please send me information on where to get a suit
Aaron Larson
Posted: Sun 09/30/2018 07:02 PM
I need a suit
jimmy wang
Posted: Tue 10/30/2018 10:15 PM
i am pooping as a write this
Harold Bustamante
Posted: Tue 11/20/2018 03:39 PM
I called and left msg for Suits for Soldiers and asking for help on a black business suit, txt, need one before Dec 4th, 2018
Nidhin Pious
Posted: Tue 11/20/2018 07:54 PM
I like to know more about suits for vet program
Jose Flores
Posted: Sat 12/01/2018 03:42 PM
Is there a way i can get help with a suit?
Danielle Robbins
Posted: Fri 12/07/2018 04:19 PM
I would like information where I can get some suits for vets