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Tips to Learn from the Most Stylish and Unstylish Presidents

Fashion alone won’t get you in the oval office, but style, or a lack thereof, can definitely be a pain point for candidates if they don’t appear polished. Folks are judgmental when it comes to U.S. presidents; they are expected to appear healthy, attractive, and even stylish.

It’s unnecessary for presidents to wear the brightest and boldest fashion trends, but a refined president helps put the country at ease. Needless to say, the media will call any president out if they don’t think they look up to par.

Even if you’re not president (yet), there are plenty of fashion tips to learn from our country’s noble past leaders.


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Every president wears a suit at some point in their reign. President or not, you should certainly dress well for any role. A suit’s fit distinguishes the men from the boys, so it’s important to have yours well-tailored. The three-piece suit stands out for many presidents who wore this look well, like the fair-sized William H. Taft. Darker-colored suits, like navy and black, are always a safe option that works well for nearly every occasion.

Facial Hair

Whether you sport facial hair or don the clean-shaven look, you’re making a statement. Abraham Lincoln discovered the importance of growing facial hair when an 11-year-old wrote him a letter telling him to grow facial hair because the ladies like it. Most presidents have opted for clean shaven, but if your face could use some scruff, don’t be afraid to grow it out.


While most presidents only followed the trends, others were at the forefront. John F. Kennedy was the first president to be seen out without a hat. George H.W. Bush was known for always wearing festive socks. Watches have also been a popular statement piece. Some may say Bill Clinton started the low-key watch trend on which George W. Bush and Barack Obama followed suit. Lyndon Johnson, however, was known as the “Rolex President,” often wearing a Rolex and gifting them to his friends.

Best Dressed President Shout-Outs

Chester Arthur certainly cared about what he wore, given that he had at least 80 pairs of pants. Caring about your overall appearance is the first step to looking good. A little bit of effort goes a long way, so be sure to always have a fresh face, clean fingernails, and groomed hair.

John F. Kennedy just had the look. He set trends, like going sans hat, and always looked put together. His wife may have had something to do with it, which leads us to another tip. Take advice that is given to you, whether it comes from your friend, wife, or best friend’s cousin. You don’t necessarily have to follow it, but it’s good to see how others view you. You should be able to handle a little criticism.

Ronald Reagan was man enough to step out of his comfort zone. Stepping out is a risky move, especially when America is watching, but the attention can be worth it. Ronald Reagan got everyone talking when he walked out in a gray and blue glen plaid suit. He wore it proudly and didn’t apologize for it.

Worst Dressed President Call-Outs

Calvin Coolidge didn’t ever play it cool in terms of fashion. He was always dressed formally, no matter the occasion. It’s important to dress properly based on time, and event.

We all have that friend who tries their best to look stylish but doesn’t quite make it. That friend would be like James Monroe, who was just never quite on trend.

Zachary Taylor didn’t care about appearance and was usually seen in old, rough-looking suits and hats. His official portrait even features a dingy old uniform.

If you’d like a look fit for a president, or just want to feel like the natural-born leader that you are, the Tailor can help. Contact us today.

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