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Do I Need a Power Suit?

If you watch any movie starring corporate big shots sporting custom made suits, you know that suits have a special place in society. For hundreds of years, clothing has been used to signal status, authority, and power over others, and nothing encapsulates that better than the traditional power suit.

Many assume that the power suit has become obsolete as men’s fashion becomes more individualistic and comfort-focused. However, the reality is that the power suit still has a prominent place in every man’s wardrobe, especially a man who wants to leave a lasting impression in every room he enters.

A Brief History of the Power Suit

The power suit came to prominence in the 1980s when Wall Street bankers, lawyers, and other corporate executives sported them to help convey confidence and a sense of authority over others. However, the power suit has its roots farther back than the 1980s, all the way in 19th century France.

The groundwork for what would become the power suit was laid in part by Beau Brummell. He cultivated a sharp, imposing appearance when fashion revolved around extravagant displays of colorful fabric and ornamentation. In bordering on the austere, Brummell’s wardrobe cut through the excess of court life and left anyone who saw him in awe of his willingness to flout the social conventions of the time.

Later, the idea of an austere suit was modified slightly to sharpen the image further. Corporate executives combined large blocks of dark, conservative colors characteristic of Brummell’s wardrobe with smaller, understated details to help bolster the message of confidence. Using accessories like watches and pocket squares were one way of doing this, as well as creating thicker padding in the shoulders and a boxy cut to give the impression of a more imposing physical size.

The Modern Power Suit

Modern power suits don’t use the same kind of padding and box cut to communicate physical dominance. The style has since changed, focusing on tailored outfits that illustrate the quality and close attention to detail that went into it while still allowing a person to move freely about the room.

Accessories have become more integrated into a power suit, along with shirts and suits that are patterned in ways that help draw the eye to the wearer and convey that confidence reminiscent of the original power suit.

Due to the confidence conveyed and the close attention to detail that goes into making one, the power suit is ideal for events like presentations, job interviews, and other professional occasions where you need to exude confidence.

The Tailored Man has helped many men look and feel their best with custom made suits purchased online. Call today to find out how to add a power suit to your wardrobe.

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