Make Your Mark In A Sports Jacket

Style icons of the men’s fashion industry feel that a wardrobe is incomplete without a sports jacket!

So, what is a sports jacket?

A sports jacket is typically like a suit jacket, but it comes without a matching trouser. Its origin was in the late 19th century as it was worn by the British nobility at sporting events like shooting and rowing. Thus, the sports jacket was looked upon as a sign of luxury as it came to be associated with the affluent class of society who had expensive tastes and leisure activities.


With passage of time, there was a change in purpose and style. The practical aspect of this jacket began to be appreciated so a shift took place.Earlier it was worn solely for sporting occasions, later on it was favoured for casual events. This caused the sports jacket to become an intrinsic component of the wardrobe. Now it is worn regularly for a classic and elegant look.

Whenever there is a question in one’s mind about the choice of clothing, the answer is a sports jacket. This is because situations that require a suit are clearly indicated. On the other hand, jeans and T-shirt are perfect for an informal interaction. The wide spectrum between these extremes can be covered with an attractive sports jacket.

Sports jackets are tailored in a range of colors and fabrics such as corduroy, tweed, linen, cashmere to name a few. This makes them more versatile and appropriate for a wide variety of occasions as well as being easily integrated in one’s existing wardrobe. These jackets can be worn in any weather. For summer wear, lighter fabrics like linen or corduroy are used and for winter wear the material is much thicker and heavier for warmth and protection.


It is extremely convenient for leisure wear as there are no established standards for these occasions. An invitation to an informal party, play or club can leave one perplexed as to an appropriate outfit. Here, the sports jacket is a godsend. Moreover it is a sign of respect for the host when guests are well dressed and take care of their appearance. In this style of dressing, if the guest feels that a jacket is out of place, then it can be removed at any point in time. Additionally the effort made by the guest will be appreciated.

Its key design features include slits and pleats at the back with elbow patches being fairly common. There is a wide range of lapel and pocket styles. The jacket may be of single or double breasted design with a single or double row of buttons as the case may be. The weave and texture of material is also important. Tweed is one of the most preferred fabrics and gives a traditional ‘British’ look. Green and brown give an earthy feel while grey is more contemporary. Sports jackets may have patterns like windowpane, houndstooth or checks. A smaller check may be paired with a smart trouser or chinos for a slightly formal look and a bigger check may be worn over jeans.


The preferred colors of jackets are black, grey, brown and shades of blue. Each color can be matched with shirts of different shades. For instance, a grey jacket allows one to experiment with lighter colored shirts, which one may not otherwise wear such as pink and lavender. A lighter colored jacket may be teamed with darker trousers and vice versa.

For a debonair look, a sports jacket can be worn over a well fitting, plain shirt. A neck tie will add a touch of formality. For an attractive look in cooler months, a jumper can be used over a shirt. Sports jackets are loose fitting so there is room for innovation in dressing style. For more casual occasions, the individual’s choice may be a trendy T-shirt under the jacket.


The sports jacket can be teamed with tailored trousers or with a comfortable pair of jeans. For a smart and casual look, the jeans should be regular fit and of a darker color than the jacket.  Scruffy or torn jeans are a strict no-no.

Any occasion or event which exists in the bandwidth requiring a suit on one hand and jeans and T-shirt on the other hand can be covered with a sports jacket and usually there are many such situations. These could be awork dinner, informal party, invitation to an exclusive club, attending a play or musical evening, an outing to a pub, a gathering with friends and so on.

The biggest advantage is that sports jackets enhance the figure and presents a more masculine look. A well fitting jacket over smart trousers can do wonders for the individual’s confidence and bearing. This could be a very important factor when appearing for interviews, attending seminars or other semi formal occasions where one wants to make a favourable impression.

From a practical point of view, they are tailored for layering of clothing so the fit is looser than a suit jacket. This, however, is instrumental in increasing warmth and comfort. There are a greater number of pockets to carry all of one’s odd and ends.

For the first timer, a wide variety of options are available in the market, so much so that it can lead to confusion. A clear plan of action is required to be able to get the best jacket possible.


The first option is between ready to wear and custom made. Ready to wear may be a convenient option but it will not be the ideal. The limitations are size, material, style, fit and exclusivity. It will never come close to the fit provided by a custom made jacket which additionally gives a user all the flexibility required in terms of design, material and personal touches. These ensure the jacket is ‘made for oneself’.

The second decision is where to get it tailored. It is necessary to choose an experienced establishment which will give the client all the services that are required, basically deliver the promises made. While measuring the client, expert tailors take ‘finished measurements’ which enhance the physique and smooth over any shortcomings.

The actual choice of material and design comes into picture at this point. Here there is full scope for the client to exercise his preferences. The tailors, based on their vast experience, also give valuable and practical inputs. The client and tailor, together, decide on the finer details and eventually the ideal sports jacket is handed over to the client.


Thus the sports jacket, being appropriate for most occasions, always promotes a confident and self-assured aura. The classic cut will never go out of fashion and will give the individual a stylish edge over others at social gatherings. To get the best return on investment, the spectrum of choice should be a little wide so that the sports jacket is not occasion dependent and can be worn at a wide variety of events, therefore becoming indispensable for the individual.


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