How Long Should Your Suit Pants Be?

You might think that this is a dumb question to ask yourself because it all depends on height, right? Well, yes and no. Believe it or not, there is a pretty standard guide to pant breaks you should be following regardless of whether you’re Shaquille O’Neal or Danny DeVito.

What Does A Break In Pants Really Mean?

Before we get into too much detail, you need to understand what a pant break is (spoiler: it’s not the sequel to Point Break). The break in any pair of trousers refers to its creasing/fold in the fabric directly above the bottom of the leg before it meets your shoe.

So what’s the big deal about a pants break?

It can make or break (no pun intended) a good suit! If you want to look like you are borrowing someone else’s clothes, please skip over this blog entirely. But if you want to look like a dapper dandy, listen up.

A break will affect the length of your pants and your general appearance. A short break will make a short man look taller. And a full break for tall men will make their entire body look more proportional.

The Four Most Common Pant Breaks

Here are the most common hemlines and breaks you’ll see tailors give their clients and some advice on choosing which one is perfect for your body.

No Break

This means you like your pants just right above your shoes. It’s an above-the-ankle style that not many men can pull of, but can still be stylish when done right. A no break style looks great when you have a well-defined taper, for instance a 7” leg opening. This is a very European style and it looks best on guys who are short, slim, young, and fashionable.

Quarter Break

If the no break look is too daring for you, but you still want to look modern, the quarter break might be a solid compromise. You don’t need a cuff and you’ll need to get the back of the pant leg a bit angled, so that it’s longer than the front. This is a very contemporary style and this break looks great on pretty much everyone.

Half Break

If you’re looking for a more conservative look, you might appreciate a half break for your pants. A half break is also best for those who like cuffed pants, which is why it looks best on conservative businessmen the gentlemen that might be rocking a dad bod.

Full Break

Not many young men are brave enough to go full break since it’s something that older gentlemen tend to prefer. It looks best on heavier guys and on those who prefer to wear wide-leg trousers.

The most important thing to do when modeling pants is to try them both sitting down and standing up. And always put on shoes while trying to figure out which break is right for you. Talk to your tailor for guidance with your personal style. And finally, continue checking out our blog for more fashion tips!

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Patrick Breuer
Posted: Thu 01/17/2019 08:03 AM
Thank you. Informative.
Marie Warkentin
Posted: Tue 01/22/2019 02:05 PM
Does an older mans suit pants comes to sit at the heel top, at the back. These are already tapered a little longer at the back. Ok but when he sits down they are away up the shoe and looks short. About a 9 inch opening they have.