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How do I wear brown shoes?

When it comes to men’s shoes, brown is the new black. Everywhere you go, it seems like there are men striding by wearing brown shoes.

But are there rules for wearing brown shoes? You bet, but it’s pretty simple.

For brown, dark navy, light navy, or grey suits, brown shoes are an excellent choice. Brown looks especially sharp with a charcoal grey or dark grey suit. Pair a light brown leather shoe with a dark brown suit to make a bold fashion statement.

For a more conservative look, wear a darker shade of brown than the suit you select.

If you have a three-piece suit in your repertoire, consider going with a black shoe over brown. But that’s not a hard fast rule, it depends on the suit and the shade of the brown shoes.

Match the belt to your brown shoes but if you are going with suspenders anything goes.

When not to wear a brown shoe:

When you are donning a formal black suit (or tuxedo), choose black shoes. You also may not wish to wear light brown shoes for dressy evening wear. Go a little darker or choose black.

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