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The Gentleman's Guide to Summer Suit Fabrics

Dark, heavy fabrics aren’t easy to manage during the hot months of summer. As days get longer and warmer, it’s time to trade in fall and winter suits for their lighter counterparts. Don’t sweat it – Mr. Tailor offers a few recommendations for keeping (and looking) comfortably cool.

Ideal Summer Fabrics

The ideal summer fabric is breathable and practical. The breathability of the suit doesn’t always correspond with the weight of the fabric. It’s the way the cloth is woven that determines breathability. A loose weave allows for air to move through the material.Loosely woven cotton, worsted, or tropical, wool, and fresco fabrics are ideal for warm seasons and tropical climates. Suit lining helps these fabrics from becoming see-through.

Color is also important. Light colors reflect the sun better than dark ones.

What the Experts Say

When sourcing the finest fabrics in our stores, we refer to the experts. Holland & Sherry, a long-established and globally recognized manufacturer of luxury fabrics, provides many of the fabrics featured at Tailored Man.

Tailored Man is a substantial and well-established user of Holland & Sherry cloth in so many of the custom garments made for prominent figures in the Beltway community,” Holland & Sherry President Dougal Munro says. 

The manufacturer’s advice is to keep it light, especially if you’ll be running business as usual this summer.


“For suiting collections, the tropical Lightweight Cape Horn, year-round Crispaire, or luxurious ultra-lightweight Dragonfly Super 160’s are appropriate choices for professional wear, whether in the office or on the Hill,” Holland & Sherry Sale Manager Martha Zulueta says.

The light fabrics are cooling and durable in the heat. Recreational wear can benefit from polished sport coat cloth.


“The luxurious Crystal Springs and expressive Summer Ascot sport jacketing collections have a beautiful range of designs for dressing down a little,” Zulueta says.

“These excellent sport coat cloths may be paired with a solid colored trouser, in fine worsted wool, linen, or cotton, perhaps even with a little stretch for added comfort.”

Summer Styles and Accessories

In terms of style, recommendations turn away from traditional blacks and grays in favor of blues and greens.

 “This spring and summer season, Holland & Sherry’s focus is on a wider range of colors, particularly royal navy and discreet elements of forest green, as well as designs such as windowpanes and plaids in lightweight, breathable fabrics,” Zululeta says.

Finally, a striking pair of sunglasses perfectly framed to your face adds debonair flair and protection from harmful rays.

Beat the Heat in Alternative Formal Jackets

White dinner jackets are also a summer option for a polished formal look. The classic jacket is reminiscent of Havana nights and fitting for evening cocktail parties on the patio.  Mr. Tailor recommends a jacket constructed of natural fabric like lighter wool.

Light blazers, both in weight and color, are able to bare the heat.  A good fit, simple accessories and tailored shirt underneath will keep the blazer from looking too much like a school uniform. 

 “An exciting new Holland & Sherry cloth is Mesh Blazers. Summer colors and cool mesh airiness weave to create the foundation for a perfect hot weather outfit,” Munro says

Practicality, quality fabric, and distinct tailoring keep professional wear from having a meltdown in summer. Contact us or visit with us in store at our Mclean location – we’d be happy to help construct an effortless, bespoke tailored look perfect for handling the heat. 

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Anthony Morris
Posted: Sat 04/23/2022 04:38 AM
Just some ideas for a woman's suit to be worn in a hot climate