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Get Ready for a Romantic Date

At this time of the year, it’s all about love and romance. St. Valentine’s Day, which originated in Roman Times, celebrates romantic love, friendship and admiration with presents like red roses, candy, cards and other gifts for the lady in your life.

So how do you prepare for this?

You need to plan a wonderful day, an evening date such asa candle light dinner or anyother outing which you know that she will enjoy.

On your side, apart from chocolates and red roses, you need to be sure you are at your smartest best.Keep in mind that appearances matter, especially on this day.After all, she could be the ‘One for you’.

Just as you need to dress well for success in your professional life, it’s equally important to be well turned out in your love life too. When you look like a gentleman, not only will others perceive you as one, your behavior, too, will be exemplary.

Also dressing up shows respect for your date and for the occasion, so don’t leave it for the last moment.

So, plan your ensemble as meticulously as you plan the day.The selection of your clothes reflects your good taste for the exclusive things in life.

Keep in mind that the color of romance is red, a dash of which will add that intangible extra bit. Pink is a more tranquil color of love, so a touch of pink, as in a pocket square tucked discreetly in the breast pocket, will enhance the mood of the evening.


If you are planning a fancy dinner date such as a romantic candle light dinner for two at an exclusive restaurant, then you need to go in for a formal well-fitting bespoke suit, especially custom made for the occasion. By the way, if you don’t have one, there is still time to procure one. Navy blue or light grey would be preferred as these colors are in keeping with a formal setting. A crisp tailored white dress shirt would complete the picture. The choice of tie is up to you. You can experiment with a romantic color, as mentioned earlier, such as pale ink or lavender or dispense with it in favour of a stylish and trendy silk scarf. Oxford shoes are a perfect match for the outfit. Stylish accessories like belts, bracelets and wrist watch complete the picture.

Remember that your ensemble will give you added confidence knowing you are looking your most presentable, so don’t take it lightly. Good quality clothes not only make you look good, you feel good too.


For a more casual dinner date, you can choose a smart blazer with a pair of slim tailored trousers, preferably in dark tones. Abusiness casual or chambray shirt may be worn. For a more relaxed setting, a trendy shirt with checks or stripes in muted romantic colors will set the tone for romance. You can wear black or brown dress shoes or trendy boots.

If you choose to hang out in the club for an evening date as she may prefer to socialise, select your outfit with care. What is the kind of company that will be there? Will it be formal or informal? If it is a formal occasion, then nothing to beat a custom made bespoke suit which fits like a second skin. It will help you stand out in the crowd and make you appear even more impressive. Select a dark color which suits your personality and a shirt to match. If you choose a monochrome outfit, color can be provided by a bright necktie or pocket square. For a more informal gathering, go for a custom made jacket teamed with a smart tailored pair of pants and a business casual shirt.

If you prefer to stay in for an intimate evening, please keep the event in mind and discard your everyday scruffy jeans and T-shirt for a pair of tailored well-fitting pair of trousers and a custom made shirt. Keep the color scheme in mind for a powerful impact, preferably the colors that appeal to her. This is her evening and you want to impress her, don’t you?

For a date out of doors, such as a picnic or a sightseeing day trip, again,keep in mind the special day and the objective. Instead of your normal casual clothes, choose a lightweight stylish jacket and team it with slim fit dark pants. Pick a patterned shirt to complete the outfit. If the weather is cool, a flannel shirt may be worn. For a warmer temperature, opt for a linen shirt.Colors worn in the daytime may be brighter than the evening, so you can pick up a bright colored shirt that complements your appearance. And of course, keep an extra sweater as the weather can be unpredictable and you will be going in and out. Trendy boots for walking outdoors are ideal.

A general rule of the thumb is to pick an outfit which is comfortable. This enables you to be your most impressive self.

If you would like some advice from our experts, click here.

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