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A Gentleman's Guide to Surviving the Winter

You’re a manly man - you should be able to handle a little chill in the air. And by that, we mean you should be savvy enough to dress appropriately for winter weather. The secret is to be well prepared in the clothing and accessory department. And it’s never a bad idea to have a little something extra for a potential lady friend who will most certainly ask for your coat or scarf.

Wool Socks and Lined Hat

The head and feet are where most heat escapes you. Cover those up and you’re golden. Wool socks and a lined hat are garments worth the splurge. You want them to last for years and actually provide warmth. Stop buying those cheap beanies and socks that will get holes in them after only a few wears. Choose some nice wool socks that will keep those toes warm, and pair them with a statement hat. Depending on where you reside, you may want to get your hands on a shearling or fur-lined hat: they always do the trick.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Don’t overlook something as simple as the right undergarments when dressing for the cold.  The smartest trick in the book is layering; it allows you to remain stylish on the outside while being nice and warm on the inside. Plus, your lady friend won’t even notice the layers underneath all that charm. And you may laugh now, but long johns are magical. Invest in a few good pairs and you’ll have the last laugh when the weather drops below freezing.

Suit with Thicker Fabric

Suits are seasonal, so you’ll need a warmer version for the colder months. You best believe we’ve got you covered – literally. We love heavier fabrics for the cold, like tweed, wool, herringbone, and cashmere. These fabrics will keep you feeling warm and looking good. A suit in thicker fabric also allows you to play with different textures and mix fabrics, which is a huge trend right now. Contact the Tailor and let us help you create the perfect winter suit.

Besides staying warm, you also need to protect your mental state. The grey skies can start to weigh you down, so arm yourself with other things to keep you a happy bloke!

cashmere winter

Vitamin D

Yes, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean a healthy dose of Vitamin D is off the table. Stock up on warm active clothing that you can wear when you go for a nice jog around the block to catch some rays. While you’re at it, maybe work off some of those extra pounds that have accumulated around the middle, no thanks to your girlfriend’s countless pumpkin treats.

winter cocktails

Warm the Innards

It’s also time to add some fun into those more dreary days, and we can count on no other than our good pal Jack Daniel. A nice glass of whiskey can always warm the bones. Here’s a great list of winter cocktails to enjoy during the cold season if you aren’t a whiskey guy.


Entertainment Inside

Winter is the time that you can read all those books that have piled up over the past year. We offer our list of 25 great novels to read if you need some ideas on worthwhile books.

Or, if you aren’t a reader, enjoy binge-watching some popular television shows or movies. Some top ones on our list is a mix between the old and new. We recommend a diverse mix of shows for you: Narcos, The League, The Office, and Homeland. Maybe even go out of your normal genre to provide you some interesting conversation starters at all the holiday parties that are quickly piling up.

Enjoy the Hearty Fare that Winter Brings

Try some new recipes for meaty stew and chili. A man knows how to prepare delicious food for himself and his guests.

Or, if you are visiting us at Tysons Corner Center, stop by The Burger Joint and enjoy a flame-grilled burger. One of our personal favorites is the Pulled Pork BBQ, a mouthwatering burger topped with pulled pork BBQ and coleslaw. Or stop in at one of our favorites, Earls Kitchen + Bar. They’re already armed with pumpkin pie and that’s a major win in our book.

We wish you the best of luck in the cold this season. Be sure and contact us to let us help prepare your wardrobe for the cold, and plan your look for the season.

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