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Dressing Up For Party

This time of the calendar is the most festive part of the year. The colors and excitement of Christmas herald the coming of the New Year. And of course, it’s party time, at the office, for family get-togethers, in the friend circle, basically any excuse works for a party.

How should one dress for the party?

The coming of the New Year is a good time to take a critical look at the wardrobe. Invest in good quality clothing, preferably custom made bespoke suits, shirts, trousers and jackets, which you can wear not only for the upcoming events, but later on throughout the year.

To make a mark in any gathering, remember that first impressions do matter. So keep in mind that you can create your own personal style that is uniquely you. When you focus on your outfit and appearance, you develop an aura of confidence which evolves into sophistication along with a touch of class.

Let’s take it a step further and begin by seeing what kind of party one is invited to.

For Office Parties

For a party at the place of work the choice is bespoke clothing as it is important to project a corporate and confident look. Keep in mind that it is not just any party. The gathering here is of professionals, one never knows who one may come into contact with. This is a place for networking and developing business contacts for the future.

For a formal do, go for customised business suits rather than off the rack or made to measure clothing. A bespoke suit in a dark color such as navy blue or dark shades of grey can be considered. Team it with a custom made smart well-fitting white or blue shirt, freshly laundered and ironed. A tie is a personal choice. Select one which speaks of good taste and blends with the outfit. You may choose formal black leather shoes which are well polished and gleaming along with conservative accessories such as cufflinks and belts.

For an informal office party, business casuals are the perfect choice as the air of professionalism is maintained. Here a jacket along with well stitched dark colored trousers which is paired with a matching made to measure shirt. The color of the shirt can be chosen keeping in mind the gathering. If the office crowd is young and enthusiastic, a brighter color can be worn. However, one should stick to a conservative color scheme for a senior level management party. Appropriate footwear and accessories for the basic outfit like a matching tie and belt may be selected. Alternatively one can go for a smart scarf in place of a tie, for a trendier look.

For Family Get-Togethers

This is a gathering of family and relatives, basically your near and dear ones. Here the tone is casual yet stylish. What works for all are classic outfits that never go out of style. With basic colors, coordination becomes effortless and convenient. Also make your choices keeping in mind contemporary style as well as comfort.

An outfit such as slacks with a bright check shirt or trousers with a casual shirt in bold designs may be the perfect outfit. Textures and weaves in shirt materials also add another dimension to the overall appearance and look tasteful and elegant. As it is Christmas and the New Year, bright colors such as red and green set the tone for the party. So be bold and go in for experimentation with colors.

Here, you need to balance comfort with style.

For a smarter look a jacket or blazer may be worn with custom made pants. As a general rule, dark colored trousers combine well with lighter colored shirts and vice versa.

For A Friend’s Party

If your friend is female, you might want to impress her especially if she is attractive and likely to be ‘The One’ for you. Here your choice of clothes is of utmost importance. At this point, the outfit has to be casual but smart. You may consider a custom made ensemble such as a jacket and trousers with an elegant matching shirt. Pastel shades are preferred for an understated classy look. You may like to experiment with romantic colors such as pale pink, lilac and lavender. Also, keep in mind her likes and dislikes and dress accordingly. What are her preferred colors and styles? This may be a test of how well you know her.


On the other hand, for a close friend’s party, anything goes. Here nobody is looking or judging. Wear your most informal attire, comfortable pants with a snug shirt, stripes or checks in bright colors, as it is a time to hang out with your chums and chill. Let your guard down and be yourself for once.

For a party at the Club

The basic requirement at the club is  of rich,  elegant and playful  look. Bespoke outfits generally do the magic in club environment.   Generally, in the club lighting is dim so the bright colors go well in such places.  A smart custom made shirt preferably button-up may be the ideal choice. For a classy look, choose one in white. This teamed with a well-fitting pair of trousers can never be out of place. Settle for dress shoes to complete the ensemble.

It is important to check the dress code before heading out for a party at the club. In case it is not clear, it is better to be slightly over dressed rather than wear a casual outfit.


For any party, formal or informal, make sure you are well dressed and present an attractive, confident and sophisticated appearance. The effort taken in dressing well is actually to respect and honor the host who has invited you.

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