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Dress Like a King and Stay Warm with Corduroy

Corduroy comes from the French phrase corde du roi --- which literally means “The cord of the King.”

Corduroy keeps you warm and it also never goes out of style. Since it consists of several twisted fibers, corduroy is both warm and durable. But it’s not just utilitarian, it can also be stylish.

Many men choose corduroy because it’s comfortable. For example it’s softer than denim but can be worn both in casual and semi-formal situations. A dark corduroy trouser can be paired with almost anything: a dress shirt, sweater, layered look, or shirt and jacket.

Corduroy comes in many widths. It’s made by weaving extra sets of fiber over the base fabric. As a result you get textured vertical ridges known as wales. There are three types of standard corduroy: standard wale; pincord or pinwhale; and printed corduroy. Standard wale is available in many colors, pincord is finer and has a higher count (16 wales per inch as opposed to 11 per inch for standard), and printed cord is the process of dying the corduroy with pigment dyes. See Wikipedia for more on corduroy.

At The Tailored Man we carry several corduroy fabrics from Holland & Sherry that will dress up your wardrobe this fall and winter. Here are some examples of current corduroy fashions.

Corduroy from The Tailored Man


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