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Why You Deserve a Custom Suit and Details to Consider before Purchase

Some men are left in the dark for much of their lives - some even die without a custom suit. Don’t let that be you. It’s time to purchase a bespoke suit. Your personal style is unique and deserves a standout suit.

Yes, custom suits can start to get expensive, but can you really put a price tag on looking good? Only men wear custom, and you are a man.

Before buying your first custom suit, there are some details to ponder. Doing just a little research beforehand to see exactly how you’d like a suit to fit will go a long way when you’re standing with Mr. Tailor.

Some questions should be considered before seeing the tailor. Questions like will this be an everyday suit? What cut do you like? What size lapels do you want? How many buttons?


Suit Fit Is of Utmost Importance

The Tailored Man shares that the most important part about a suit is the fit. Be sure to consider not just the look, but how it feels. Confirm that the suit fits at your shoulders and chest, and the length is right. Extra fabric is the enemy.

The odds of a suit perfectly fitting you off the rack are very slim; so quit trying to make it happen. People think off-the-rack fit can suffice, but you are unique in your proportions. Rather than compromising, buy a suit that is made specifically for you, not mass-produced. A Tailored Man client deserves a custom fit that delivers the ultimate style and comfort and makes him stand out.

We bring you in for multiple fittings so your suit fits just how you want it to and there are no surprises when it arrives. We want you to represent yourself the best way possible.


Details to Consider When Buying a Custom Suit

We could rave endlessly on the details of creating a truly unique suit, but for your sake, we’ll refrain and stick to the big-ticket items. Each of these factors will make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your suit.

Fabric – Flannel, corduroy, tweed, wool, khaki, cotton, linen. There are many different fabrics. We recommend having at least two suits; one that will work in the warmer months and one for the colder months.


Cut – American? British? Italian? Determine which cut you like the best. The American cut is a very classic, traditional cut, while the Italian cut appears more trendy and sleek.

Print – Word to the wise: be careful with the prints. You want to make a point but not be flamboyant. If you decide to go the print route, make sure it’s subtle. Don’t let your suit do the talking for you.

Lapels – These can make a huge difference. How thick do you like your lapels? Thinner lapels are more modern and can give a young look, while thicker is more traditional.

Buttons – Many people would vote on a two-button suit. Three buttons sometimes appear boxy, but determine what might be best for your body type before going with the majority vote.

Lining – Lining is important to protect your suit. It also provides the perfect opportunity to show your vibrant personality. How about a lining with a splash of color? Mr. Tailor shares more on suit lining.

Vents – The typical options are no vent, single vent, or double vent. The double vent is the least restrictive, so if you are a hands-talking, dance-loving type of man, a double vent is probably the best for you.

Finally, it’s worth noting accessories. You should have a nice shoe and belt and potentially wear a tie clip.

A bespoke suit is truly an investment. If you care for it properly, it should last years. One thing that can do the most damage to your beautiful suit? Taking it to the cleaners too often. Also, be sure that you store it correctly. Like a luxury car, your bespoke suit should be well taken care of.

Let us help you create the perfect suit for you, and you only. Contact us today!



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Nancy D'costa
Posted: Mon 09/23/2019 03:01 AM
Hey! I liked your blog, it's very informative and you are perfectly right to purchase the bespoke suits either it is expensive but it gives you professionalism and makes you feel comfortable at every walk of life. But the tailor should also be good enough about the vitals and exterior qualities and the Manning Company Bespoke tailor offers the Best tailoring services and provides all the best fabrics, lining, buttons, etc whichever is required. Its my personal experience with the manning company.