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Business Suits for Men

Why should a fuss be created for business suits for men? What’s so special about this? After all, any ensemble should do in office, given that informality is at its peak in these times.

Those who are aware of the importance and impact of proper attire in corporate circles will unanimously agree that this topic is of utmost relevance. So let’s take a closer look to examine this aspect in greater detail.

In today’s world there is cut throat competition in all spheres, be it business, services sector, corporate, education even fashion. Any individual who is not up to the mark may lose out in the race. So it is imperative that all aspirants put their best foot forward at all times.

How does one begin evaluating an individual?

The answer is clear – it commences with the first look. This process is mostly in the subconscious mind and takes just a fraction of a second. After that all important first glance, often experienced managers can decide if someone is even worth evaluating further or not.

Here in lies the danger. An unkempt or scruffy appearance will not give a favorable impression at all. The individual may have a lot of potential but may not pass the initial scrutiny. To remain in the field, one has to prepare and groom oneself.

Hence, this is where the bespoke clothing plays its part and is valued much above made to measure or off the rack clothing.

Here the advantage is that the bespoke tailor takes the exact measurements, makes allowances for body type to present the individual in the best possible manner and then personally tailors the suit resulting in a perfect fit.

Along with the cut, the quality of the material is also important. Substandard quality of material will make even a bespoke suit look tacky and below par.

A smart appearance will inspire trust in the onlooker. A custom made suit will present an efficient and professional appearance and inspire confidence as well as trust in the mind of the onlooker.

You need to stand out amongst your peers. When management is faced with a crowd, say of interns or employees at the same level, it is difficult to evaluate. A second glance will focus on those who are presentable and well turned out. Hence, keep in mind that your ensemble is of critical importance at all times.

You want a promotion, groom yourself for it. Invest in good quality custom made clothing, personally tailored for a good fit as this will set you apart and get you noticed. This first step will propel you forward on the management ladder.

If you aspire to be a CEO, look like one. A professional in the business world who wants to climb the corporate ladder will have to look the part. His wardrobe has to be planned like a project with proper attention given to his business suits, matching shirts which include plain and patterned and accessories with style and good taste.

Attention to detail translates into perfectionism in work. It is not surprising that one’s dressing style reveals much about the character of the individual. Every employer wants a good employee and if the employee’s attitude shows care and responsibility for details, the employer is assured of his sincerity in his profession and his future is bright.

 Sophisticated accessories chosen with good taste complete the picture. A bespoke suit is complemented with appropriate accessories. The choice of shirt will depend on the day’s agenda. Plain shirts present a sober image and patterned shirts are a bit more relaxed. Ties can be plain or coloured, according to personal preference. Cuff links and leather shoes complete the image of a successful professional.

Create your own style. These days being part of a herd and following the crowd does not work. A genuine personality is valued above followers. Observe yourself critically, see what is complementary for you and come up with your own style statement. If need be, get in touch with experienced professionals who will help you.

We offer our expert services to help you in your corporate journey. If you wish to avail of this opportunity, click here.

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Nancy D'Costa
Posted: Mon 11/11/2019 02:15 AM
Very informative blog about bespoke suits and the perfect sayings. i also prefer bespoke suits rather than any suit and the tailored bespoke suits from the Manning Company which is the most popular tailors in hongkong and top alterations hongkong.
Toms Fashion
Posted: Mon 03/16/2020 01:51 AM
Thank You and Wonderful Post!!