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Tips to Learn from the Most Stylish and Unstylish Presidents

Fashion alone won’t get you in the oval office, but style, or a lack thereof, can definitely be a pain point for candidates if they don’t appear polished. Folks are judgmental when it comes to U.S. presidents; they are expected to appear healthy, attractive, and even stylish.

It’s unnecessary for presidents to wear the brightest and boldest fashion trends, but a refined president helps put the country at ease. Needless to say, the media will call any president out if they don’t think they look up to par.

Even if you’re not president (yet), there are plenty of fashion tips to learn from our country’s noble past leaders.


A Gentleman's Guide to Surviving the Winter

You’re a manly man - you should be able to handle a little chill in the air. And by that, we mean you should be savvy enough to dress appropriately for winter weather. The secret is to be well prepared in the clothing and accessory department. And it’s never a bad idea to have a little something extra for a potential lady friend who will most certainly ask for your coat or scarf.

Wool Socks and Lined Hat

The head and feet are where most heat escapes you. Cover those up and you’re golden. Wool socks and a lined hat are garments worth the splurge. You want them to last for years and actually provide warmth. Stop buying those cheap beanies and socks that will get holes in them after only a few wears. Choose some nice wool socks that will keep those toes warm, and pair them with a statement hat. Depending on where you reside, you may want to get your hands on a shearling or fur-lined hat: they always do the trick.

Wear the Right Undergarments

Don’t overlook something as simple as the right undergarments when dressing for the cold.  The smartest trick in the book is layering; it allows you to remain stylish on the outside while being nice and warm on the inside. Plus, your lady friend won’t even notice the layers underneath all that charm. And you may laugh now, but long johns are magical. Invest in a few good pairs and you’ll have the last laugh when the weather drops below freezing.

Suit with Thicker Fabric

Suits are seasonal, so you’ll need a warmer version for the colder months. You best believe we’ve got you covered – literally. We love heavier fabrics for the cold, like tweed, wool, herringbone, and cashmere. These fabrics will keep you feeling warm and looking good. A suit in thicker fabric also allows you to play with different textures and mix fabrics, which is a huge trend right now. Contact the Tailor and let us help you create the perfect winter suit.

Besides staying warm, you also need to protect your mental state. The grey skies can start to weigh you down, so arm yourself with other things to keep you a happy bloke!


Why You Deserve a Custom Suit and Details to Consider before Purchase

Some men are left in the dark for much of their lives - some even die without a custom suit. Don’t let that be you. It’s time to purchase a bespoke suit. Your personal style is unique and deserves a standout suit.

Yes, custom suits can start to get expensive, but can you really put a price tag on looking good? Only men wear custom, and you are a man.

Before buying your first custom suit, there are some details to ponder. Doing just a little research beforehand to see exactly how you’d like a suit to fit will go a long way when you’re standing with Mr. Tailor.

Some questions should be considered before seeing the tailor. Questions like will this be an everyday suit? What cut do you like? What size lapels do you want? How many buttons?


Sunglass Guide for the Suave Man

We believe the combination of a nice tailored suit and sunglasses is one of the top five looks to master in your lifetime, so get on with it and determine which best suits you.

Sunglasses offer a way to express your personal style, so it’s important to find a pair that you feel confident in to give off just the correct amount of “I got it going on” vibe.

But it doesn’t stop there; there is a need for sunglasses when you are outside being active. If you typically are very casual on the weekends but dressed to the nines on weekdays, purchasing two pairs for the different looks may be your best bet.

Simen Haidery, sales supervisor at Lens Crafters’ Tysons Corner location, shares that many active customers who desire the sports look prefer brands such as Oakley and Maui Jim. Other customers looking for sunglasses to go with their suit usually choose Tom Ford, Gucci, or Brooks Brothers. However, some men choose to just go with one pair that will work across all looks.

Are you at a loss for which sunglasses to choose? Use our guide below to determine which type works well for your face shape, and then compare with the current popular sunglass styles to find the finest look for you.


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The easy work has been done.

The online application has been submitted, the phone screen has been completed, the 100-question personality assessment is in the books, and the phone interview is done. All of them were completed with ease. The company liked what they heard so much that they want to bring you in for an in-person interview, and would like to see your resume.

It may sound like the easy work has been done, but anyone who has been through the process of finding a job knows that the hard work is yet to come.

In addition to conveying your expertise through paper or over the phone, impressing potential employers with your knowledge and demeanor in person is just as important. And believe it or not, the way you dress plays a part. Getting your look right for an interview can be a daunting task, and sometimes can be what makes or breaks one’s chances of getting a job.