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How to Dress Cool in DC Heat

The last lingering days of summer are usually the hottest. It’s tempting to forget the status-quo on dress code entirely, but the chances are high that flip flops and swim trunks won’t be appropriate for every summer event you’ll attend.

The challenge of summer is dressing comfortably cool while keeping a polished style. Practicality takes precedent in extreme temperatures. Whether your holding down the office or taking time off for seasonal adventures, Mr. Tailor knows how you can put together a practical look that will take the heat.


The Gentleman's Guide to Summer Suit Fabrics

Dark, heavy fabrics aren’t easy to manage during the hot months of summer. As days get longer and warmer, it’s time to trade in fall and winter suits for their lighter counterparts. Don’t sweat it – Mr. Tailor offers a few recommendations for keeping (and looking) comfortably cool.


How to Pull Off a White Dinner Jacket This Wedding Season

Black tie doesn’t limit you to a black tux. Stand out in the crowd in a surprising alternative – the white dinner jacket. This jacket is for the gentleman looking to make an impression. While some consider white jackets a warm weather option only, the look is increasingly accepted as a formal wear staple.


Up Your Valentine's Game: Planning and Preparing for the Perfect Date Night

Planning the perfect date night can be a big undertaking, especially if your significant other utters those dreaded words: “Surprise me!” Fear not: we’ve got you covered with local date night ideas, the deets on what you should wear, what you should buy (and tell her to buy you), and a few tips to soar beyond others expectations.



What a Gentleman Should Wear to a Holiday Party

The holidays are upon us, and with the season of gift giving also comes the season of cold-weather gatherings. This time of year is very distinctive in terms of the style of clothing expected and permitted, and is a great opportunity to experiment layering your wardrobe with jackets, coats, scarves and flannels.

Not only is it a great time to experiment with your look for winter, eggnog is back on store shelves across the nation, meaning spiked ‘nog is back on the menu to fuel some holiday party shenanigans. We’ve concocted a list to help you ensure that deciding on your wardrobe for any party this season will be the easiest decision of the day.