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How Bespoke Tailoring Is Perfect For All Body Types

Our mothers, and all those afterschool specials, were right when they told us that every man is handsome and unique in his own special way. So many unique and special ways, in fact, that there are an infinite number of things that differentiate one man from another. But, in this world of finite goods and services, it’s impossible to find something that is distinctly you.


The Gentlemen's Guide to Looking and Feeling Refreshed this New Year


It’s a new year and an opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’ve been itching to make a change or commitment, now is the perfect time to set your goals. How do you stick to your resolutions? Make them realistic and small at first.

If you want to feel cleansed and refreshed for the new year, Mr. Tailor has a few recommendations for looking (and feeling) great in 2018. 


Tips for Adding Festivity to Your Holiday Attire

It that time of year again–snow is falling and your calendar is quickly filling up with endless holiday parties. It’s a time to celebrate, but how can you add a festive spin to your holiday look without overdoing it?

There are a few classics available in every department and dollar store–Santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, and Rudolph’s nose. While certainly festive, these options can be slightly cheesy. If you want to add subtler seasonal flair to your formal suits and other holiday looks this year, Mr. Tailor’s tips will keep you looking spirited and sharp.


How a Gentleman Should Dress for a Job Interview

Landing your dream job isn’t always easy. Even with an impressive resume, nerves can get the best of usually-confident interviewees.

How can you stand out from the competition and make the best first impression during a job interview? Mr. Tailor provides his tips to look and act the part of a qualified professional.



Men's Dress Code Cheat Sheets: Breaking Down the Rules for Appropriate Dress

Whether it’s wedding season or the office holiday party, there’s likely a dress code. Before a big event or a new job, the thought of a dress code can be intimidating.

No one wants to be under or overdressed. There’s a wide range of dress codes and not everyone is on the same page about what each one means. While hosts might assume everyone knows what’s expected with a black tie invite, guests may be scratching their heads in confusion.

It’s okay not to have the guidelines committed to memory. Next time an invite comes your way, don’t stress – just take a look at our cheat sheets.