Why Custom Made!

 All living beings are a part of nature, and nature is creative. No two living beings are alike. For humans, appearance is a result of heredity and environment.

For instance, an American will be different from a Japanese individual in terms of height and structure, complexion and features. Hair and hair style also contributes to making a person what he is.
Along with physical characteristics, the environment also plays an important part in physical appearance. Social norms regarding what is considered beautiful or good looking play their role in individual choices. These vary from culture to culture, country to country.

Another factor that determines appearance is lifestyle choices. An individual who spends a lot of time outdoors in pursuit of sports will definitely have a very different physique. Physical workouts will result in a lean, fit, muscular body with strong shoulders and thighs.


What To Wear To A Southern Wedding

Saddle up gentlemen, because wedding season is upon us. Spring brings new blooms, warmer weather, longer days, an influx of RSVPs, and plenty of opportunities to flex in a stylish suit. But, men attending southern weddings should be cautioned that the humid and hot weather could put a damper on your dapper plans. Good thing The Tailored Man is here to be your mentor during these muggy times.


The Best Watches for the Professional Man

When was the last time you used your watch as an actual method of keeping time? We all have cell phones now, so the modern timepiece has become an extremely important accessory rather than a daily necessity. The idea of wearing a classic watch in 2018 is a power move that exudes maturity, personality, and success.


How Bespoke Tailoring Is Perfect For All Body Types

Our mothers, and all those afterschool specials, were right when they told us that every man is handsome and unique in his own special way. So many unique and special ways, in fact, that there are an infinite number of things that differentiate one man from another. But, in this world of finite goods and services, it’s impossible to find something that is distinctly you.


The Gentlemen's Guide to Looking and Feeling Refreshed this New Year


It’s a new year and an opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’ve been itching to make a change or commitment, now is the perfect time to set your goals. How do you stick to your resolutions? Make them realistic and small at first.

If you want to feel cleansed and refreshed for the new year, Mr. Tailor has a few recommendations for looking (and feeling) great in 2018.