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The Importance of Being Comfortable

“Style is all about being comfortable. I don’t believe in following a style because it is a trend. I need to be comfortable in my clothes.”

“You need to feel like you’re wearing the clothes, and they’re not wearing you.”

These are quotes from trendsetters where their personal views are very clear.


Summer Temperatures in the Wardrobe

With the advent of summer there is a perceptible rise in the temperature. The days are longer and full of sunshine, presenting a number of distractions and often leaving the individual gasping for iced drinks and lazy days at the beach.
However, the individual has to fulfil the demands of life despite the heat.

The challenge, then, is to have a summer wardrobe which hascasual and sophisticated ensembles.Casual for beating the heat on non-formal occasions and sophisticated for an impressive and elegant appearance in formal parties, corporate meetings etc.



Your Favorite Ensemble Does Not Fit, What Should You Do?

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are many silent forces working on us. Job pressures, competition, deadlines and, most of all, stress. This affects each individual differently, some overeat and others go off food. Of course, stress is not the only factor for a change in size. It could be the festive season, a dream vacation, family get together or any such occasion. On the other hand, vigorous gym sessions, mindful eating and long walks could result in a trimmer you.

The point is that one day you reach for your favorite ensemble and you realize that it does not fit. You are in a panic, how could this happen? More importantly, what should be done now?



Color Combinations in Corporate Circles

Color is an integral part of one’s clothing and thus plays an important part in the impression that is made on others. Every color is significant and silently communicates a lot about the personality and mood of the person wearing it.
The subconscious mind is aware of this. Have you ever wondered why you pick up, without realising, a bright colored shirt the day you are feeling happy? The day you are feeling low, you choose a dark and sombre ensemble without giving it a second thought.
Once the conscious mind realises the powerful role played by colors, you can get colors, to invisibly work for you.



The Color Collection in Your Wardrobe

Colors have a deep significance and the color of clothing reveals much about the person wearing it. One can never underestimate the importance of nonverbal communication because colors speak their own language. Wear the right color and you will stand out in your environment such that others will notice you. This is especially applicable when going for an interview or an important client meeting, where the right color works in your favour and you have an advantage over the others.