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Dressing Up For Party

This time of the calendar is the most festive part of the year. The colors and excitement of Christmas herald the coming of the New Year. And of course, it’s party time, at the office, for family get-togethers, in the friend circle, basically any excuse works for a party.

How should one dress for the party?

The coming of the New Year is a good time to take a critical look at the wardrobe. Invest in good quality clothing, preferably custom made bespoke suits, shirts, trousers and jackets, which you can wear not only for the upcoming events, but later on throughout the year.

To make a mark in any gathering, remember that first impressions do matter. So keep in mind that you can create your own personal style that is uniquely you. When you focus on your outfit and appearance, you develop an aura of confidence which evolves into sophistication along with a touch of class.

Let’s take it a step further and begin by seeing what kind of party one is invited to.


The Right Outfit

Has it ever happened that you are getting ready to go out, you open your wardrobe and are at a loss for the right ensemble. The eyes scan the contents and turn away dissatisfied. At this point in time, which is the right outfit for you?

It has been estimated in various surveys that up to 50% of the wardrobe is never worn and along with this, another mind boggling percent of clothes are rarely used. Shocking, isn’t it? When faced with these statistics, one gets a major jolt. This information may even come as a serious eye opener to many.

This happens because subconsciously, without thinking, the hands reach out for the individual’s favorite outfits all the time.

What is it about these articles of clothing that one doesn’t tire of wearing them over and over again?



Business Suits for Men

Why should a fuss be created for business suits for men? What’s so special about this? After all, any ensemble should do in office, given that informality is at its peak in these times.

Those who are aware of the importance and impact of proper attire in corporate circles will unanimously agree that this topic is of utmost relevance. So let’s take a closer look to examine this aspect in greater detail.


Single Breasted versus Double Breasted Suits

Everyone aspires for a place in high society and wants to be upwardly mobile. This means that the individual needs to be well turned out on every occasion as the initial impression of an individual is formed in the first look. This makes his clothing style vitally significant. A classy, well-fitting suit can work wonders for one’s image making him look trimmer and taller aswell as the choice of suit reflecting his style statement.

One of the basic dilemmas is a choice between single breasted and double breasted suits. Which style should one go for? It is interesting to note that Prince Charles and David Beckham have been sighted on numerous occasions favouring the double breasted suit.



Cocktail Attire for Men

Has it ever happened that you have received an invitation which requires cocktail attire and you are at a loss as to what is the dress code? The usual occasions which come in this category are parties, weddings and professional events.You may experience panic or confusion at this juncture and wish for guidance.


An invitation is a privilege and it is imperative that the invitee should be appropriately dressed as a mark of respect for the host and the gathering. Moreover, as the focus in cocktail parties is on good conversation along with cocktails, of course, it is an excellent opportunity to network and build up contacts. This is one more good reason to be well dressed.