When is it Time for a New Suit?

For the modern man, trying to gauge the right time and reason for retiring your old, favorite suit can be a long process that requires lots of pro/con lists and some alone time with Adele’s greatest hits album. The suit has served you well over the years, but has it really worn out it’s welcome? Here are five of the most common reasons to hang it up in the rafters and move on to something fresh.


The Modi Jacket

What do fictional characters of Hollywood, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Karl Stromberg and Kamal Khan from James Bond movies, have in common with Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India?

The Modi Jacket, of course!


Narendra Modi has created ripples in the world of fashion by favouring the bandi jacket which has now been nicknamed Modi jacket.


The Best Formal Looks for Summer Parties

Summer is more than just a time of year, it’s a mood. It’s freedom. It’s late nights, festivals, nature, and most importantly, it’s party season. Whether your friends and family are graduating, getting promotions, getting married, or celebrating anniversaries or birthdays, summer is a time for festivities. It also provides ample opportunities for the modern man to showcase an elite-level fashion sense by staying trendy and formal despite the rising temperatures.


Custom Made Clothing at Affordable Prices

Fashion has always played an important part in influencing choices. Everyone aspires to look aristocratic and elegant, to be well dressed in the style favoured by high society as this implies prestige and class.

England has been the hub of fashion for centuries. The most famous area, entirely devoted to men’s custom clothing is the famous Savile Row. Gieves and Hawkes have the privilege of catering to the Royal Family of England. The other top known establishments are Richard James, Huntsman, Henry Poole, Kilgour, Dege and Skinner to name a few. Anderson and Sheppard of Old Burlington Street, Edward Sexton of Beauchamp Place are equally well known.


How Long Should Your Suit Pants Be?

You might think that this is a dumb question to ask yourself because it all depends on height, right? Well, yes and no. Believe it or not, there is a pretty standard guide to pant breaks you should be following regardless of whether you’re Shaquille O’Neal or Danny DeVito.