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Ask The Tailor: Custom Fit Shirts and Thank You Gifts

Ask The Tailor - The Tailored ManNot everyone has a wise sage in their life to go to for advice. Some people have a grizzled, savvy Uncle Bob who, over the course of his life, has gathered nuggets of knowledge that you can tap in to. In other families, Uncle Bob is the annoying relative you avoid at family reunions. That’s why The Tailor is writing this column.

I bet you thought The Tailor was only here to measure your inseam. But that’s not true. The Tailor can help in many areas: fashion (of course), but also food, entertaining, travel, and many other topics. The Tailor wants you to live a life that makes your suit proud to be on your body.

Here are a few questions The Tailor is tackling this month.


The Bare Minimum: Desert Island Suiting

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the bare minimum pieces for a classic suit without spending a fortune. This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1…

The modern Mission: Impossible for the everyday businessman is here: creating the perfect go-to suit out of the bare essentials. In a world where gentlemen are bombarded with fabric choices and print combinations, it can be difficult to construct a reliable, timeless suit. If you were stranded on a business-inspired island with only the bare minimums, would you have what it takes?

The Devil in the Details: Your first important decision is to choose a color and fabric type that is going to be versatile. Charcoal and gray are the two most versatile colors that will also pair well with most shoes and tie patterns without being too dark for the sunny seasons. Cotton is the most versatile fabric, although it is typically a little too light for winter months.



7 Ways to Never Wear a Tie Clip

The tie clip is a small fashion detail that can have huge impact. There are rumblings in the fashion world that it is making a comeback, but really, did the tie clip every truly go out of style?

(No, no it did not)

There is a right way to wear a tie clip and there is a wrong way (some are very wrong ways). But we are going to help you sort all that out.


Lighten Up: Wearing the Linen Suit for Warmer Months

Quick: imagine the classic linen suit. What comes to mind? Miami? 1986? Uncle Fred in his signature leisure suit?

While older iterations of this suiting staple were certainly questionable, today's gentleman has some decidedly more stylish options when it comes to warmer weather wear. Linen, along with spring and summer suiting in general, is having a bit of a renaissance: no longer does summer professional garb necessitate choosing between sweating it out in a dark gray getup or braving the crowds in seersucker.


The Power of the Suit

The Power of the Suit: Danny Keefe Teaches Us about Standing Out and Standing Up


We’re firm believers in the power of the suit to make a guy feel more like a gentleman – more self-assured, conscientious, and capable. And when we see our fellow suit-wearers, we feel a sense of camaraderie.

Gentleman-in-training Danny “Danimal” Keefe wears a suit to school every day – but even though he was the sharpest-dressed kid in a sea of stain-resistant fabric, he was getting picked on by his kindergarten classmates for a speech impediment he’d had since birth.