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The Tailored Man offers restyling and reweaving alteration services for your garments—even if you bought them elsewhere. Our alterations experts measure you, evaluate your garment, and make precise alterations to make every piece in your wardrobe a favorite.

A common misconception about alterations and tailoring is that these services are costly. Just as our suits are cut to fit you, our alterations are priced to fit your budget. Getting a garment altered is a simple way to make even an inexpensive piece look better—for a very reasonable price. Alterations also can extend the life of your clothing. High-wear areas such as collars and cuffs can be easily replaced on most garments, further extending their wear ability.

We understand your on-the-go schedule. Our alteration services guarantee prompt delivery so you can get your garment when you need it. Take advantage of our convenient online scheduling for alterations or call 1-703-288-4292 for alteration and tailoring appointments.