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A Wardrobe for Look of Grace in Mature Men

It has been rightly said that life is measured in the moments that are ‘lived’ and not in years. This is very true as when we look back in life, it is these instances that stand out.

Passage of time brings maturity, wisdom and success. The earlier part of life is spent in hard work to establish yourself, now you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. One should keep on celebrating life for the success it is and live with a young heart.

Age hasn’t stopped Ralph Lauren and Morgan Freeman from presenting a well turned out look to their admirers. George Clooney and Richard Gere have shown the way for men in their fifties to charm their way into female hearts. So why should you be left behind?

This is the time that you can live life on your own terms without trying to dress according to social norms or anyone’s expectations.

You can now develop your own style statement to suit yourself.Show the world the success you are. The clothes that you wore some time ago may not be according to your tastes now. So go ahead, pamper yourself and invest in a new wardrobe. You deserve it!

Opt for personalised and custom made clothing. This will give you the class and comfort that you seek. Resources are not such a big problem as in younger days, so don’t let financial considerations hold you back. Make sure that each item is of good quality, as it becomes easily apparent when worn.

Your wardrobe should have the following:

- Tuxedos

Your wardrobe is not complete without these. Though somewhat similar, the suit cannot take the place of a tuxedo and vice versa.Tuxedos are worn only for evening functions, never before 5 pm. Formal events like weddings or black tie invitations will require one. The strong message sent by wearing a tux is that the moment is very special. Therefore, events featuring your near and dear ones like engagements and marriages in the family will call for a tuxedo.

- Custom made bespoke suits

No wardrobe is complete without these. Black may be somewhat severe so shades of blue are more popular as they present a more youthful and ‘with the times’ look. Any formal occasion calls for a well-fitting ensemble as this ensures a touch of class along with a sophisticated look. A custom made outfit makes all the difference to your confidence and the successful look you present to the world.

- Sports Jacket

All said and done, formal clothes have their charm and make you stand out in a crowd. On social occasions, make it a point to be well turned out. Instead of a suit, you can choose a jacket and team it with a matching pair of tailored pants. Complete the look with a trendy shirt and classy accessories and you are set to paint the town red.

- Tailored slacks

Here, made to order slacks will give you thesophisticated and successful look required as these are stitched on the basis of your physical measurements. These figures are then adapted to your physique whereby the best appearance is achieved. Along with the presentable look, comfort and ease are also guaranteed.

- Dress shirts

Customised dress shirts are the perfect accompaniment for your tuxedos and bespoke suits. When you have them custom made, the choice of fabric as well as the design is to your preference. You can have different ones for summer and winter. You can choose muted and lighter colors according to your preferences. For casual events you can go for checks or stripes in shades of blue, grey, light green or earthy colors like beige and cream. For formal events, you can never go wrong with white and blue.

- Accessories

Your accessories like shoes, ties, cufflinks and belts should be of good quality and in keeping with the articles in your wardrobe.

If you require our expert guidance for a complete makeover of your wardrobe so as to project a successful and mature image, click here. We will be happy to provide our services.

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