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A Guide to Corduroy

Do you have some corduroy in your wardrobe? If you don’t you’re missing out on a warm, stylish fabric that can add versatility and texture to your wardrobe. Here’s a guide for corduroy, the fabric of 2015.


Corduroy Pants

If you wear a lot of chinos and want to change it up a bit, toss a couple pairs of corduroys into your rotation. Match with a simple white cotton shirt or a denim. A tweed blazer will give you a well-rounded outfit. You can dress it up with a tie or go casual. You may consider a sweater to give yourself a more layered look.


Corduroy Jacket

The corduroy jacket is your armor against the cold. Whether it’s fall or winter, or even early spring when the dew is still on the trees, a cord jacket or blazer is a smart choice. You can dress them up or dress them down, depending on your parallel wardrobe choices. Go casual sophisticated with a dark navy corduroy blazer with a cable-knit wool sweater and plaid shirt layered underneath. Top it off (or should it be bottom it off?) with Moc Toe suede shoes in a blue or brown.

Show a relaxed but stylish side by matching the cord blazer with jeans, a plaid shirt with tee underneath, and leather boots. Wrap a scarf around your neck to keep yourself warm.

Corduroy Vest

Bolster that blazer with a matching corduroy vest to add more lines, comfort, and warmth. A vest wrestles in an unruly shirt and gives you depth. It also says “Take me seriously.”



Wear One Piece at a Time

Unless you’re wearing a coordinated suit, do not wear more than one corduroy item. Either choose pants, a blazer, or a vest, not all three.

Watch the Width

The width of the cords is a good indicator of the thickness of the pants. So (generally) the wider the cord, the thicker (and warmer) the pants.

Brighten Up

Anyone can go navy blue of black with their corduroy, but you can be special by choosing a bright color such as bright red, grass green, light blue, or golden yellow. A bright corduroy item goes well with denim or dressed up.

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