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A Fresh Look in the New Year

The New Year is a milestone in everyone’s life, one year gone by another one beginning. This is a time for introspection and reflection, a pause from the rapid pace of daily life, to take stock of where we are and where we want to be. Often life falls into a rut, so January is a reminder to bring about a new freshness in our lives. Hence, New Year resolutions are made with enthusiasm and zest, to bring a new perspective, energy and change into life.

Bring a new confidence into you, by revamping your wardrobe. Remember, though clothes don’t make a man, they do change the image of the wearer, not only in the eyes of others, but in his own eyes too.A well stitched bespoke suit speaks volumes about the personality. It adds to the air of confidence and supports the image of a successful, dashing man of action on his way up the corporate ladder. Along with the new wardrobe, give yourself permission to be confident and attractive, remove your limiting beliefs about yourself. If someone compliments your new look, accept with gracious thanks, it has reinforced your efforts.

Just to experience the difference, try an experiment. Wear a casual outfit to any one occasion and later, at a similar function, wear a bespoke suit. Feel for yourself, the contrast in other’s behaviour towards you and consequently, your own reactions.

The wardrobe is a reflection of your personality, so upgrade your clothing for a ‘better you’. The other point to be noted is that a well-rounded and wholesome personality will have a wide spectrum of shades. If your tastes have been confined to one genre, it’s now time to experiment with style and color. For sober and staid personalities, this might be the moment to put aside the blues and browns and pick out lilacs, lavenders, maroons and mustards. For those whose wardrobe is mainly casual, this is the right occasion for a custom made bespoke suit. Try out new things, whatever catches your fancy. It’s your life and you entitled to live the way you want, not according to someone else’s image of you.

Keep in mind that trailblazers follow their own path, so make your style statement. Mimicking or copying others doesn’t let your personality develop and bloom. Be your own individual. Your style will express your individuality and uniqueness, the essence of your being. Fashions and trends come and go every seasonbut classic style stays with you forever.

Media, these days, has projected a certain ideal physique and it may be that your mental image of yourself differs from the norm. In such a case, trust the expert bespoke tailors, who not only take accurate physical measurements, but also note down ‘finished measurements’ which make allowances for individual characteristics and the suit is stitched accordingly. Thus, the suit will project your appearance in the best light possible.

Go for quality. A good suit is worth a dozen cheap ones. The touch of class is apparent in the cut, material, style and appearance. There is an undefinable air of sophistication which off the rack clothes do not have. If the suit does not satisfy your inner being, it will stay in the wardrobe and never be used, a total waste of resources. Items on sale may appear attractive and a good buy, but be very sure before purchasing them. Often it doesn’t work out in the long run if quality is compromised for price.

Sometimes when shopping, a certain item of clothing catches your fancy. It could be a trendy jacket, a dress shirt with bold checks or a casual pair of trousers. Somehow the eyes return to it. A hundred reasons not to buy it come into the mind, it’s not my style, it’s too expensive, it’s not in line with my social life and so on. At this point, the best thing to do is to try it on. See how you feel. If it is comfortable and makes you feel good, go for it. Life is very short and some moments are never repeated. The next time you go shopping, you may never find it and there may be a sense of regret. In such cases, follow your gut, it’s always right.

In the New Year, reduce clutter in the wardrobe. Everyone has clothes which are lying at the back and are never used. It could be a gift from a parent, wife or girlfriend. For sentimental reasons, it can’t be disposed of. Some other clothes were very expensive, but somehow never worn. Well, take it out, spread it on the bed, take a good look and decide if you want to wear it. If yes, it goes back and if no, it ruthlessly goes out, to make space for new clothes which you will wear.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it. You are entitled to indulge your fancies once in a while. Do it with enjoyment, not with a sense of guilt. You are most precious to yourself, so don’t deny yourself an occasional treat.

So this New Year, make a commitment that you will be true to yourself and change your life for the better. There could be many ways of doing this, but starting with the wardrobe is the most effective and easy way. Try it, it really works!


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