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25 Gifts For The Man Who Is Impossible To Shop For

Everyone knows someone like him.

He’s the guy who never seems to need anything. The guy who already has the cool gadget you just found out about. The man who shrugs when you ask him what he wants for his birthday.

He’s The Man Who’s Impossible to Shop For.

He may also go by any of these monikers: Brother, Uncle, Neighbor, Co-Worker, Boss. Best Friend, Roommate, Husband, Grampa, Dad.

Whoever he is, he’s out there and the clock is ticking toward the holiday (and he probably already has a cool watch).

Here are 25 things you can get The Man Who’s Impossible to Shop For this holiday season.


Tommy Hilfiger Solar Panel Jacket

He’ll get noticed in this handsome jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, but he’ll also be able to charge his smartphone with it. The solar panels are stylishly built in to the back of the jacket (and removable). In direct sunlight the jacket will charge most smartphones and small electronic devices within an hour or so. At the same time it’ll be one of the most attractive and comfortable pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. $599 from Tommy Hilfiger

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Hooligan Gloves from The North Face

He’ll never want to remove these warm, comfortable water-resistant leather gloves from his hands, he’ll love them so much. $110 from The North Face

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Handmade Alpaca Scarf from Peru

Give him a handmade gift that you didn’t have to make with your hands. These hand-crafted scarves are from artisans in Peru and made from 100% Suri Alpaca. What does that mean? The scarf is softer than anything you’ve ever felt. $57 from Amaki

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Design Your Own Converse Sneakers

There are few things we can count on any more, but the Converse sneaker is one of them. It’s changed very little since first being introduced in 1921. At the “Blank Canvas” section allows you to design your own pair. Build them in his favorite colors and add a personal monogram to customize what will become his go-to sneakers. Prices vary based on shoe model.

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4 Port USB Travel Charger

There are three things no man ever has too many of: rolls of duct tape, salty snacks, and USB charging ports. Make sure he always has enough of the latter with this handy, small portable travel charger that accommodates four USB devices. $49.99 from Sharper Image

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Epic Video Laser Keyboard

Never fumble with typin on a smartphone again. This tiny little device projects a fixed keyboard onto any flat opaque surface using a laser. Connects to your phone, tablet, even a laptop via bluetooth. $149.99 from Epic

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The Ultimate Road Safety Kit

Doesn’t matter how fine-tuned your wheels are, there comes a time when you find yourself on the side of the road. Flat tire, broken fan belt, strange noise and smoke coming from the engine, it’s always something. Be prepared with this 30-piece emergency roadside kit that will make you feel like MacGuyver. $30 from Home Depot

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Any Device Photo Printer

Smaller than a lunchbox, this printer works with almost any device. Hook up your tablet, laptop, iPod, even your cell phone, and get color prints in seconds. Will print panoramic prints from your smartphone and it requires no drivers, just download the app and install on any device. $159.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer

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Scrub & Muscle Soak by Jack Black

An exfoliating scrub and moisturizer that not only smoothens skin but helps relieve tension and relaxes tight muscles from a long day in the office or a hard workout. $35 from Jack Black

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MP3 Player with Classic Books and Music

Ever try to gift an MP3 player and then try to get music and media on the device for your recipient? It’s only slightly less annoying and uncomfortable than root canal surgery. This MP3 player comes preloaded with 50 classical masterpieces, from Beethoven to Mozart. It also has 100 unabridged audio books, including Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick, the works of Jane Austen, and Shakespeare. $99.99 from Sharper Image

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Reclaimed Ballpark Cuff Links

You can’t get much more unique than this: cuff links with wood from salvaged seats from old ballparks like Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, RFK Stadium, Fenway Park, Tiger Stadium, Dodger Stadium, and more. Even long gone parks like Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds in New York. $180 from Red Envelope

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Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser

Just place your hand under the dispenser and be rewarded with a handful of treats from this nifty dispenser. Fill it with chocolate and candy treats or pour in healthier snacks like peanuts or sunflower seeds. Comes with three pre-set serving sizes: small handful, large handful, or bowlful.

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Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Delight the man in your life with a homemade gift that he’ll remember each time he shaves his hunky face. These simple instructions at show you precisely how to make this rosemary mint shaving cream that softens and protects his skin, is safe for the environment, and smells really, really good. 8 oz. will require about $5 in materials and less than an hour to make.

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Make steaks just like the professional chefs with these cast-iron grill grates that fit on top of your outdoor grill. Your sizzling steaks will look and taste just like the prime cuts at top notch restaurants. Starting at $76.99 for two grates and one brush, from

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Stunt Kite

Every boy loved to fly a kite. Every man should handle a stunt kite and feel the power of flying it and making it dance in the sky. With these stunt kites he’ll be the master of the wind in no time. Starting at $75 from Kitty Hawk

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BioLite KettleCharge

This is a stainless steel device that heats water while also charging any device via USB (a port is located on the side. Make your hot chocolate and also charge your phone. $155 from MEC

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Outdoor Cooking Class

Whether he can cook or not, a cooking class will help him become even better. This cooking school is located in the heart of Washington D.C. and offers classes guided by top chefs. Most classes are $160 and up, from CulinAerie.

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Go-Pro Camera

This wildly popular wearable camera is all the rage. He can wear it and record video while he’s hiking, biking, or even while he’s surfing because the camera is waterproof. Or he can attach it to the car, kayak, or even the dog. Also works as a still camera. Starting at $199 from Go-Pro

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House of Cards on DVD

Kevin Spacey is the ultimate master of opportunity in this award-winning HBO drama about a ruthless politician who ascends to the highest office in the country while utilizing every dirty trick at his disposal. A delicious guilty-pleasure. Season One on DVD is $17.99 from Amazon

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Aerial Drone Quadcopter

This lightweight (just a shade over two pounds) drone can zoom along at 22 MPH and be guided either manually or pre-programmed to record an event from high in the sky with an attached Go-Pro camera. $449 from Amazon

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Build-On Brick Mug

Help him be a hit at his next meeting with this coffee mug and construction kit all-in-one. The mug will accommodate almost any brand of building bricks (yes, even that popular one that rhymes with SHMEGO). It doesn’t come with blocks so grab a bag to go with this mug that allows him to tinker while at the office.

$19.99 from ThinkGeek

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Replica Birdhouse

Send them a photo of your house and they will build you a custom birdhouse that looks just like it (well, only smaller). These sturdy post-mounted birdhouses will attract feathered guests to your doorstep and also make your neighbors drool with envy. Starting at $300 from The Birdhouse Barn.

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Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Take your beard to a new level with this popular beard wash that cleans, detangles, and nourishes your face blanket. And all this time you’ve been using soap or regular shampoo on your beard? Tsk tsk. $20 from Birchbox

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Portable Kayak

A performance kayak that fits in a bag you can check at the airport, wheel with you to your car, and launch after 10 quick minutes of assembly. New starting at $3,499 at Trak.

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Award-Winning Pie

What man doesn’t love a warm, baked fruit pie? As seen and enjoyed on Oprah, in The Huffington Post, and by celebrity chef Mario Batali, these award-winning pies are made with delicious fruit from Michigan and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. The cherry and apple are favorites: add a crumb top to make it even more unforgettable. Starting at $29.99 from Grand Traverse Pie Co.

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